Rattle, Rattle, Rattle...

I don't know what it is about the middle of the week, but things just start rattling around in my brain. I find that if I put it on the blog, it helps me clear my head. I don't know if there are thirteen things, so...let's take a shot at it...
1) This whole Obama, Rev. Wright thing is weirding me out...what's up with it? Is this going to kill the Obama campaign? I don't know, but so far, it isn't looking good...am I not going to be the V.P.?
2) Did you see Dancing With the Stars? What was up with Christian de la Fuente? I know he says he pulled a muscle or something, it just looked so weird, I mean he wasn't doing anything when it happened...
3) You know I have to mention this Miley Cyrus mess. Who lets a 15 year old pose without clothes on? What were they thinking!?!
4) What was up with Paula Abdul on Idol...drugs or drinking?
5) Fwiw, I though Idol s*cked last night...and I love Neil Diamond.
6) Ummm, I keep seeing this giant squid on the news (1,100 lbs) where did it come from, and why is it on my TV every time I turn around?
7) I have to go to a party at a hot sushi place this Friday...What the heck do I wear?!?
8) Why am I so jacked up to see Ironman?
9) Have you heard of the Jimi Hendrix sex tape...why would anyone want to watch this?
10) Does Ben control the smokemonster on LOST...what the heck is that thing?
11) Why am I obsessed with CSI Miami?
12) With gas prices, the mortgage crisis, and now the raising food prices...what's it gonna take for the Government to get on the U.S. economy and start making some decisions that are going to help ease it into some kind of recovery? Seriously!
13) My Birthday is next week...what do I want???
Wow, I could keep on going...Why is there so much junk rattling around in my head?

Today's Meltdown...

I know Wed. is supposed to be wordless, but I need to explain this picture...Why do stores put crap like this at the register?!! Do you know how impossible it makes the world for we with toddlers? This thing, which I think is a clever idea, costs $12 and is right in front of the register. The Little Man grabs it and starts to play with it. Now, my choice is...buy it to keep him from melting down, or take it away from him and watch the meltdown ensue. I just couldn't bring myself to pay $12 for this...so bring on the waterworks...So, I found myself cursing the marketing folks for forcing me to make these kinds of decisions on a daily basis. I can't buy everything the kiddos get there hands on just to keep them from losing it, right? I mean, I am right here, aren't I???
(for the record, I would have taken a pic. of this thing with my phone, but it was impossible to drag two screaming toddlers away from it and take a pic)

Practice, Practice, Practice...Poor Sissy.

How was my weekend? Well, I worked and worked on Illustrator. I think I can finally say I'm getting there:) This was my self portrait...Without boring you to tears, I will tell you that I have decided to put a portfolio together for some stock photo sites. I have also decided to put together some illustrations on my design blog that other designers can use. Kind of like NW Designs Stock Photo (still thinking about that). So...I spent the weekend illustrating up a storm. Here's a hot chicky I worked on...
As promised last week, here is me if I were a princess...
Yes, we are watching entirely too much Disney around our house these days!

On the bummer front...Sissy's apartment got broken into last week:( I can't believe it, just literally two weeks before she moves into a better apartment! They took her bike, her laptop, and some cash. It just makes me so mad...Sissy and I are convinced it was an inside job, maybe a maintenance guy, or the building manager. The police came and fingerprinted her apartment, but they don't expect to find anything...Where is Horatio when you need him?!?

LOST, Grey's, and a Bad Day.

Holy brutal LOST Batman! I so did not think that guy would execute Benjamin's daughter!!! What is the deal with Ben and Mr. Widmore? What "rules" was Benjamin talking about? What's with the smoke monster...does Ben just keep it in a cage in the basement?!? Why does Mr. Widmore think he owns the island? I got nothin', I'm just gonna sit here, watch it, and shake my head. On the shallow front...could Sawyer get any hotter? Seriously!!!
Did you all watch Grey's A. before LOST? Lord, what a waste that show is! Hated it:( For what it's worth...I am so rooting for Rose (is that her name?). Meridith is a total buzz kill, and she doesn't deserve McDreamy. Rose is cool, happy, and she has the hair I wish I had...She deserves McD...That's just my two cents. This show better pick it up fast, 'cause I am seriously losing interest!
I don't know if you can tell from my tone...but I'm havin' a day! You know I joined the healthclub right? Well, Miss Peach has been taking a dance class (it's her first drop off class). It's a creative movement class. Today was her third class. I walk by the little window every once in a while to check in (she can't see me). I'd say half the time Miss P. is participating, and the other half of the time, she is twirling and spinning and doing her own thing. Today after class, the teacher sits down and tells me that Miss P. is "disrupting the class"..."She says no a lot." Well folks, she is two and a half! According to Spock (pg. 270) "Negativism reaches new heights and takes new forms after two...it is hard to get along with a child between two and three." I am just so pissed off! This woman is teaching a class to kiddos 18months to 3 years old...and I am supposed to believe that my child is the one kiddo disrupting the class!?! Good Lord lady, they are two years old...have you met two?!? She made me feel like I am doing something wrong in the parenting arena...Ugh! So now, I have to participate in the class next week, and show Miss P. how to follow along. That just seems wrong to me...Why can't Miss P. spin and twirl when she wants to? It is creative movement for Chris'sake! I am so not signing her up for this class again...Thanks for letting me rant, I needed to get that out.

Come Back!!!

OK...are you totally looking forward to the Sex and the City movie? I so am! All the hype around this movie got me to thinkin', "I wish they would just bring this show back!". Well, you gotta know where I'm going from here. I would love if they brought _______ show back. So I give you thirteen shows I wish would come back, I miss 'em, and I want 'em back!
1) Sex and the City-Husband would love it, only because I torture him nightly with reruns on tbs.
2) Cheers-I would watch this show until the end of time...love it, miss it.
3) Sienfeld-Seriously, I watch it over, and over, and over...just make some new ones, we'd watch!
4) Melrose Place-I think I was the last one watching this show. I turned off the lights, and yet if they brought it back, I'd be the first one watching:)
5) Will & Grace-I never approved ending this one...
6) Designing Women-How did this series end? Did they do a series finale, 'cause I never saw one?
7) Gilmore Girls-I just loved this show...was I the only one? Is that why they quit makin' 'em?
8) The Larry Sanders Show-I'm a dork, I know...
9) Dynasty-OK, I'm a dork, and I'm old...
10) Freaks & Geeks-Does anyone remember this show, cause I loved it!?!
11) Night Court-Why did I like this show so much? I totally forgot about it until John Larroquette showed up on Boston Legal...I loved Night Court...
12) WKRP in Cincinnati-They could totally bring this one back, right?
13) Murphy Brown-I would totally watch this one too! Don't get me wrong, I love Candice on Boston Legal. She could do that and a new Murphy Brown, couldn't she?
What did I miss...? What would you want them to bring back from the TV graveyard???

Cinderella's Castle???


Free Stuff...and Cute!

How cute are these little flash drives?!! Guess what...I have ten of them to give away! Yay! I don't know if you are like me, but I always have one of these with me, I never know when I'm gonna need to transfer something from one computer to another. These have a cute faux alligator shell...fabulous:) The SanDisk Cruzer Gator USB Flash Drive come in pink, red, or black and are 4 gb. Wanna win? Here's what you do. Leave a comment here...tell me what's cool about being a Mom (you, your Mom, your wife...whatever, just make it Mom related) that's it...easy peasy! I'll close commenting Fri. April 25 at midnight cst. then chose ten winners (randomly) on April 26. Winners get to chose which color you want! Make sure to leave an email or some way you can be contacted in your comment, and only one comment please:)

Oh, and check out the other stuff folks are giving away over here at bloggy giveaways!:)

More Practice...and Nuts?

All right, so I am still practicing drawing with Illustrator. I'm getting it, I really am! This was from a tutorial I found on the web. I got a bit sick of the book, I just needed to draw something. This tutorial finally gave me what I wanted. I wanted to be able to simulate the stroke of a pen with a nonuniform width around all the strokes...finally figured it out (the secret is in the brush tool). Now, I know it's not perfect, but I think tom. if I get the time, I'm going off book completely. I'm gonna draw one of my own pics and we'll see what I really think of Illustrator. I think I'm liking it. One thing that confuses me is transitioning the work from Illustrator to web...gotta figure that out.
On a completely different topic...Do you all ever just want to make more money? Yeah, I get it, everyone wants more money. What I mean is, the hardest thing for me, about becoming a SAHM, has been not making my own money any more. This has nothing to do with Husband, it's all me. I have a hard time spending money, because I don't really bring any in. Yes, I have been enjoying my little blog design business, but I wish I could make more money with it. I just feel like I am in this totally weird money limbo land. All I did when I was a trader was squirrel away every dime, knowing full well that one day I would quit to raise babies. Now that I am raising babies, I think of that as the nest egg, and I don't want to touch it. This just leaves me not spending money and wishing that I had my own income. It all becomes a viscous circle in my head. For what it's worth, Husband just looked at me and said "you're nuts". I don't think I'm nuts, and Husband is lucky I'm not out spending without thinking! How do you all handle not bringing in the dough because you chose to stay at home with the kiddos? Is it just me...is Husband right, am I nuts???

Things Rattling Around In My Brain...

I wasn't going to do a Thursday Thirteen this week. Then I realized there was tons of stuff kickin' around in my head and I'm just going to get it all out...Without further ado, I give you the contents of my noggin'.
1) I was contacted by a fellow blogger about a little baby who is in the hospital. All she wanted, was everyone to pray for this brave little fellow and his family. I did her one better and linked up a badge to their site. Go read little Jeremy's story...I don't care if you believe in the power of prayer, good vibes, positive thoughts, or a kind word...go and give it to this family. They need all the positive they can get. If you care to put this code on your blog, it links to Jeremy's updates...

2) I'm pissed off, I just finished this list and lost it!!!
3) What was Obama thinking when he made the comment about Pennsylvanians?!! It doesn't matter how he meant it, you can't say anything and not assume you are not being recorded...C'mon!
4) J. K. Rowling is a bad egg. She is suing this poor sap who has been writing the blog The Lexicon. He had planned to publish a Potter encyclopedia. She and Warner Bros. won't let him. Seriously, have they not made enough money?!? This is a run of maybe 1,500 books. Until now, J.K.R. has praised his site and used it as a reference. This guy loves her and her work, now she's suing him...Really J.K.R!?! Really, go buy an island!
5) The Bro is going to the China Olympics (for TV, not an athlete). I'm just worried about all the Tibet protests, does this have the potential to get ugly?
6) Sissy hasn't started a blog.
7) I have chosen the marathon I want to run...problem, it's a lottery entry. If I get in, I am going to train like the wind. If not, I am not going to run a marathon this year. Here's the thing, I've run 6 marathons. I don't have to prove I can do one. I need to cut 14 min. out of my time. It's all about picking the right course, and I believe this one is the one. Wish me luck on the lottery!
8) I was contacted by email today by my "Aidan"...you know, Aidan from Sex and the City, well this was my version...The guy I dated before I married Husband. He had come across my blog and wanted to say "hi". Such a blast from a life that seems light years away from where I am now. He's married and living in S.F. with two kiddos. It's just so weird when you think about the person you were before you had kiddos...My life was so focused on me. Who was that girl?
9) Husband has been working like a dog. I'm behind him 100%, I just want him to be successful. It leaves all the parenting squarely on my shoulders, I'm wiped out!
10) Did you see David Cook on Idol last night? Any one who can rock out a Mariah Carey song deserves to win in my book! This guy was awesome!!!
11) Totally rooting for Jason and Edyta on Dancing With the Stars. I'm in the Kristy has an unfair advantage camp.
12) Can't wait for Women's Murder Club to come back! Problem is, it's taking Boston Legal's time slot. Where is my Boston Legal going?
13) I keep chugging along with Illustrator...Today I drew a pear...

I Don't Think Miss Peach...

...likes The Wicked Stepmother!

Enchanted With Enchanted

Well, I know I am slow to the movie game...but Husband has been out of town, and we have been stuck in the house because of dreadful weather. I just could not take watching Cinderella one more time, so we trudged out and bought Enchanted. Miss Peach has been beside herself ever since. I know I have said it before, but these Disney folks are just magic! This movie is such a treat, we all just loved it:) I mean seriously, how can you go wrong with Dr. McDreamy? That being said, I think James Marsden stole the show. He was just marvelous as the over the top Prince Edward in NYC...fabulous! Miss Peach has decided we should have Gisele over for breakfast and tea...I'll get right on that;) Have you all seen it? If you haven't, it is totally worth a rent. If you are like me, and you have a little girl who is in a princess dress all the time, watch her face as she watches the movie. Miss Peach just beams at it...magic!
On the Illustrator front. I had hoped to turn myself into a princess for this post. I know how to do that in Photoshop, but I figured..."great project to do in Illustrator". Well, Illustrator has been slow going. It's a bit like trying to write with my left had. I know how to do it, I just can't quite get it done. Soooo, this evening when the babies get to sleep, I'm gonna dive in again. Illustrator seems to be a much more powerful drawing program, and I'm in a place where I really want to learn it. I just want it to be faster going...Wish me luck!

The Week in Review

What a week...Husband has been traveling a lot. I have been pulling single parent duty, let me tell you, it's hard! I have said it before, and I'll say it again...If you are a single parent, my hat is off to ya'.
I took the kiddos to the health club on Thursday. So not easy, I'm carrying The Little Man, Miss Peach is walking, the cat runs out the door. I have to set down Little Man to chase down the cat. Little Man takes off, it's raining. It was just one thing after another. I drop the kiddos at the tot care, and hustle off to my first tennis class in three years! It went OK, I had moments of shear brilliance, and moments of complete disaster on the court. My tennis coach is relentless, we are talking no mercy. I feel like I have been beaten with a bat! It frightens me how out of shape I am:0
I have had absolutely no time to sit down and work Illustrator. I think I'll be able to do that tom. I did however do another self hosted blog this week, Thursday Drive. I really liked this project, I feel like I learned with this one. I finally feel like writing code is coming to me:) If you haven't seen Jennifer's blog yet, go check it out...She is a great writer, great read...Back to me, I cant' wait for the next self hosted project! I've learned so much:) What did you all do last week, it seems a blur to me...
Btw, I'm sitting here watching SNL, and Gnarls Barkley is the musical host. I must be 900 years old, 'cause I have no idea, I am talking no idea who this is! I am 900 years old...

Wonderful World of Disney!

Well, if you have spent any amount of time here, you know Miss Peach is in full on Disney Princess mode. I don't know if she is fully aware of what Disney World is, she just knows it's where the Princesses live. When I was a kiddo, my parents were big Disney people...We went there many times. I have really been itching to take Miss Peach. I just think she is at the age where it would just be magic! I haven't been in about six years. From what I can remember, I'm going to list my favorite rides at Disney. Including some which I believe/or know are gone:(
1) Mr Toads Wild Ride-We just love, love, loved this ride as kiddos. I know it's gone, I so wish they would bring it back...2) The Haunted Mansion-Still there and exactly as I remembered as a kiddo. We would just go around and around and around again on this one. So much fun!3) The Pirates of the Caribbean- I haven't been to this since the movies were such a hit. I wonder if they've changed it? We just loved this ride!
4) Country Bear Jamboree-I know this isn't a ride, but we loved this. What's not to love about robotic singing bears? It was a nice break and so fun:)
5) Space Mountain-I am not a roller coaster person, so this one kind of scared me when I was a kiddo. I remember thinking it was sooo futuristic...6) Splash Mountain-Log fume...'nuff said!
7) Swiss Family Treehouse-Is this one still there? I remember wanting to move there when I was a kiddo!
8) It's a Small World-Now, let me explain this...It's not that I love this ride, it's corny. I love the memory this ride gives me. I remember standing in line with the fam. hearing It's a Small World over and over and over...I'm just happy it's still there so I can torture my kiddos with it:)
9) Hall of Presidents-Same thing...My Dad just loved this. I remember thinking it was boring and yet, I can't wait to torture my kiddos with it.
10) Peter Pan's Flight-When I was a little one, I just thought this ride was magic. Looking down at all the little houses...I just loved it!11) Spaceship Earth-The first time we went to Epcot Center, I just thought this was the coolest thing!
12) Tower of Terror-I took my nephew on this ride. Scared the sh*t out of me! I even bought the picture of us screaming our heads off:O
13) Cinderella's Castle-Now, I know this isn't a ride...but maybe some of you Disney people can tell me...I hear they have now opened this to the public. Is this true? Miss Peach would be over the moon if she could actually visit Cinderella's Castle!I so have to plan a trip...I just love Disney World:)

Updates, Updates, Updates...

Well, first I'd like to thank everyone for the advice for our gal Sissy:) For those of you who are paying attention, her dates this weekend did not go very well:( Her first date just up and canceled...wtf?!? Her second date...no fun. Of course that did not stop him from trying to get her to come home with him. To him I say...wtf!?! Mama Bird Diaries, how did I in my many years of being single, never figure out that single guys don't go to fund raisers? Sissy literally smacked herself in the head on this one...Duh! Thank you for pointing out the obvious to the oblivious:) Moving on...
I will give you all the quick sum up on the Obama connection. Husband is in politics/public service. He is one of the first people to support B.O. waaaaaay before he had any aspirations to be president. Husband knows him quite well, me...not so much. I can not stress enough the fact that we knew him when no one else could even pronounce his name. Now, Husband saw him at a parade this summer (yes, Husband is one of those people waving from a car) and B.O. made a beeline to Husband to shake his hand (secret service in tow) and tell him how fabulous he is (way to do the right thing). When he was at our wedding, no one...I mean no one knew who he was. He and his wife were just the "tall, attractive couple over there". Here's the clincher...What did Mr. O. get us for our wedding? Nothin'! You got it, he stiffed us on a wedding present! Don't let this affect your voting, I still want to be Vice President;)
On the design front...I have decided, finally, to break down and learn Illustrator. I just think I could do better drawing if I figure out this program. I know absolutely nothing about it, but I have the Classroom in a Book and I'm just going to have to crack it open and learn...I get it, I get that vector based is better than pixel based for illustrating...I get it, now I just have to learn it!


What a wonderful weekend! Sun, yes sun, in The Big City:) We finally got to take advantage of having a private patio. The kiddos played on the patio all weekend. I love having a completely contained private area...the cat can't even get out of it. All I have to do is open the door and let them run. You can't even see in from the street (high walls). Husband says I'm a nutter, but I was looking for a "bunker" feeling when we were looking for our place. We saw this townhome, and it had that. It's fairly modern, built in the late 70's, I like the feel of privacy. It's something that appeals to certain city cats (me). So, to all of you who sent the sun my way...Thank you!
Oh, I almost forgot...I did a little digging. I think some of you thought I was April foolin' ya' when I said Obama was at our wedding. I couldn't find a pic of he and I at the big event...I did however, find a pic of he and I at a different event. Proof my friends:)No, I did not Photoshop Obama's head on Husband's body...shame on you for thinkin' that;)

Lil' Help Here...

Sissy is like the little sister I don't have. She was my clerk a lifetime ago when I was a trader. This is a Chicky who is in her late 20's, she's the nicest girl. She knows how to glam it up, and she can hang in a sports bar with a baseball hat and jeans. Low maintenance, lots of fun, so what guy doesn't want a girl like that? I gotta tell ya', I am completely useless when it comes to guy advice for Sissy. The singles world has changed since I was in it...it's on a whole 'nother planet! There were no "metrosexuals" when I was out there, guys were just guys. They didn't have as much personal products as I did. There was no text messaging, guys just waited the acceptable three days and then called us. Most of all, there was really no Internet to speak of, no Match.com. It seems to me that everyone is on Match.com. Quite frankly, my take on Internet dating is quite simple...Guys look at it as an all you can eat buffet. They date a brunette one night, a blond the next. My problem is...what do I say when Sissy sits on my couch and says "How am I gonna meet a guy Nap Warden?" I got nothin', nothin'! I mean she's out there. She goes to fund raisers, she goes to ball games, she goes to bars, she does Internet dating...Yet, she still seems to meet the same guy, who isn't looking for anything but a good time, not looking to get serious. I'm tellin' you people, I need some help here! What do I tell my girl Sissy? How is she gonna meet a nice guy? Just a nice guy...it's not like she's looking for Brad Pitt. She likes big dorky guys...So what's wrong with these big dorky guys? Help me out here people...

OMG, aren't you _______?

I am not famous. I like it that way. I have always said "I'd rather be rich than famous." I am a fly under the radar kind of person. That being said, for some odd reason, I run into famous people quite a lot. I don't know why, I am not a "groupie" person...I don't go looking for celebrities, and yet, I run into them all the time. It's always weird for me 'cause I'm not an autograph person, and I'm not the kind of person who says "OMG, your _____." Usually, I do a double take and walk on, since I don't know what else to do. Here are just some of the famous folks I've seen along the way...and said nothing to:)
1) Baby and Ginger Spice-I was shopping after work when I was a trader, walked into a store in the Atrium, and there they were...short, tons of makeup, and thick accents. They were in town for a promotion, I saw them on the news wearing the outfits they were trying on in the store. The whole thing weirded me out, so I called the only 12 year old I knew and told her I saw the Spice Girls. She thought it was the coolest thing ever...she was the only one I knew that would.
2) Prince Charles-I was in Stratford Upon Avon with my Mom. We were seeing Taming of the Shrew. It was hot in the theater, during the intermission we went outside. He literally almost stepped on my foot as he walked by. Much shorter than I would have expected, and larger ears.
3) Michael Jordon-I was in a bar, he was in the corner with his entourage. It was so funny because everyone in the bar was acting all cool and not staring at him. The second he walked to the valet to get in his car, the whole joint pressed their faced against the window to stare. So funny.
4) Aaron Eckhardt- I was running on the waterfront this summer, and there he was, just running the other way. Hot, hot, hottie...I just stared as he went by. What else was I gonna do..."OMG, you are so hot!"? Yeah, not me...
5) Keanu Reeves- Sat behind me at a baseball game. I kinda felt bad for the guy. He made it through a few innings before everyone figured out who he was and stared at him.
6) Andy Garcia- Filming a movie on my street. Whatever...
7) Jeremy Piven- Riding a bike on the waterfront. I don't know why, but they always seem smaller in real life.
8) Barack Obama- You aren't gonna believe me, but he and his wife were at my wedding. I knew him before he was a friend of Oprah. Kinda weird that he is like the biggest thing ever now...He doesn't call so much anymore, maybe he's been busy:)
9) Chris Farley- This was kind of sad. It was the same place I saw the Spice Girls, and it was the week before he passed away. He was so funny:(
10) David Byrne-Just walking down the street with a yellow backpack. He was in town for a concert and he was just out bopping around. I loved the Talking Heads!
11) William Hurt- He was wandering around Denver Airport...kinda looked lost.
12) Mario Lopez- This was when he was Slater. My bro and I saw him in a Gap on Melrose Ave. in LA. We were both like..."That's Slater".
13) Joe Strummer- Saddest of all. He was at a record store promoting his last CD. The Clash is the best band ever! He passed away shortly after. I know if I would have said anything, I would have sounded like a blithering idiot. "OMG, you're Joe Strummer...The Clash is the coolest...You are the coolest...My bro says U2 is the best band ever, but I say it's the Clash!" Yeah, I refrained from that...
So, I run into famous people, and I never say anything. Which makes me wonder..."Who would I talk to if I ran into them?" Maybe Bono, or Christian Bale...how about Andy Roddick? Then I think I would just sound like a blithering idiot (think Chris Farley Show). Think I'll stick to the double take and walk away...
What about you, brushes with fame?

The Sun'll Come Out, Tomorrow?



It's late, I'm pissed off, I should be going to bed. What a crappy day today was...rainy, gray, yucky day. I'm in the Verizon store today and the team was in the stroller with the rain hood on, which they hate (who can blame them). One guy working in the store, and one customer...me, being helped. Then in storms single important girl. "I have to get to work, I'm already late. Can you transfer my numbers into my new phone?" They then proceed to have a dialog about how it will cost $10 cash to do this. She doesn't have any cash, can you do it anyway...blah, blah, blah. It was like I wasn't even there. She just assumed that my time wasn't worth anything since I didn't have a job to go to. I swear, I waited ten minutes while they went back and forth! I suppose I could have said something, but I just didn't have the energy. Quite frankly, I would have let her go ahead if she had asked...but she didn't even acknowledge me. It just pissed me off. Rest assured, it was just one of many things that made me mad today. I've had it with spring...spring can bite my a**! I'm sick of waiting for you...Bring on summer.
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