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Well, first I'd like to thank everyone for the advice for our gal Sissy:) For those of you who are paying attention, her dates this weekend did not go very well:( Her first date just up and canceled...wtf?!? Her second date...no fun. Of course that did not stop him from trying to get her to come home with him. To him I say...wtf!?! Mama Bird Diaries, how did I in my many years of being single, never figure out that single guys don't go to fund raisers? Sissy literally smacked herself in the head on this one...Duh! Thank you for pointing out the obvious to the oblivious:) Moving on...
I will give you all the quick sum up on the Obama connection. Husband is in politics/public service. He is one of the first people to support B.O. waaaaaay before he had any aspirations to be president. Husband knows him quite well, me...not so much. I can not stress enough the fact that we knew him when no one else could even pronounce his name. Now, Husband saw him at a parade this summer (yes, Husband is one of those people waving from a car) and B.O. made a beeline to Husband to shake his hand (secret service in tow) and tell him how fabulous he is (way to do the right thing). When he was at our wedding, no one...I mean no one knew who he was. He and his wife were just the "tall, attractive couple over there". Here's the clincher...What did Mr. O. get us for our wedding? Nothin'! You got it, he stiffed us on a wedding present! Don't let this affect your voting, I still want to be Vice President;)
On the design front...I have decided, finally, to break down and learn Illustrator. I just think I could do better drawing if I figure out this program. I know absolutely nothing about it, but I have the Classroom in a Book and I'm just going to have to crack it open and learn...I get it, I get that vector based is better than pixel based for illustrating...I get it, now I just have to learn it!


  1. I am sitting here, just shocked... just shocked that Obama gave you all nothing. Well, no one is going to elect him Miss Manners, that's for damn sure.

    Meanwhile, please keep us up to date on Sissy and her dating. I am really rooting for this gal.

  2. Oooohhh... interesting Obama info! I can't believe he stiffed you. Maybe he was saving his dough for his eventual campaign. But still . . .

    Bummer about Sissy--hope the dating gods smile on her soon!

    I just started working with Illustrator a couple weeks ago. I want a tablet now . . .

  3. That is SO COOL about Obama.

    Hey, girl, I got Illustrator for Dummies. I got the hang of it in a weekend. Granted, I'm not illustrating with it. More manipulating illustrations. And I have a lot to learn. But with your extensive Photoshop Skilz, you'll pick it up fast! I can't wait to hear how you like it.

    Now I need to learn Photoshop... LOL.

  4. He didn't get you anything?

    I guess he figured his presence was your present! tee hee

  5. Wow, B.O. stiffed you?

    We got stiffed at our wedding...but it was by a real "guys" guy. You know..beer drinking, sports fanatic, no-date, living in a crappy apartment, still-not-married-at-40 type of guy.

    I honestly think he didn't know that bringing a gift/card is even common protocol. We honestly couldn't care less. It was actually just pretty funny.

    But B.O.? That is just a little strange....there has to be a mix-up, misunderstanding or something...

  6. Interesting read on on Obama and your family.

    I think Sissy should get a blog. Does she have one? Dating is like a whole different adventure from when I needed to do it. I'd definitely like to know what goes on these days.

  7. I wonder if Hillary and Bill would have gotten you something . . .

  8. No gift? RUDE. Future president (?) or not: very rude.

    Hope Sissy's dating life looks up.

  9. I've gotten a book on Illustrator too, and keep thinking I'm going to learn it. So far, I haven't though. Too busy playing with my photos in photoshop.

  10. He ate your food & gave you no present? Reason 765 I so don't want him running the country.

  11. Hmm..no gift, must have been the pre-book big bank account days!Let's not confuse the obamas with the multi-millionaire clintons.

    my hubby and I had a very small wedding (about 40 guests), only a handful of people brought gifts. I can't imagine attending a wedding with out a gift.

  12. I agree with Toni... You should have gotten a gift! :D

  13. Gee, when you call him B.O., he gets a different kind of ... cache....

    I'd love to learn Illustrator too....

  14. No present? Is that better then a crappy present that you would now say...and you know what crap he gave me for my wedding? too funny.


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