Running at Rancho La Puerta!

I have experienced the most magical place and I HAVE to share it with you! What would you say if you could visit a place with 4,000 acres of running and hiking trails, mountains, an obstacle course, an organic farm, multiple pools, multiple fitness facilities and a spa? If you're like me, you say, "Count me in!" THAT is Rancho La Puerta.
What initially drew me to The Ranch was the running clinic. I have been a runner for well over a decade and I've never had a coach run with me, video tape my stride AND help me be more efficient with both my running and my stretching. This alone was a FABULOUS experience for me!
There is a 5 mile obstacle course that I HAD to try! (Full disclosure: I have never done an obstacle course before.) What I loved about it was, it wasn't a race. It was about finishing. EVERYONE who finished was a winner. The support and the course were fantastic.
One would think that running paths, and hiking trails as well as an obstacle course would be enough for the perfect vacation, but that just scratches the surface. When you visit The Ranch, you are transformed by the food. It is spa cuisine that LITERALLY transforms your body. I have never enjoyed food SO much in my entire life. Veggies, fruits, grains, spices ALL perfection.
Every inch of the grounds is perfection.
I have never seen so many fitness class options in one place in my life. It truly is a mind-body-spiritual experience. I tried an aerial yoga class. SO fun!
BUT I didn't stop there. I had a full menu of classes from yoga, to Pilates, to water classes, racket sports, cardio, dance, flexibility, to meditation offerings.
I am a firm believer in stepping outside the box when given the chance, so I took a chanting class AND a sound healing class. Both were amazing. Yes, I am looking for a chanting class back home. I want to continue with it! Mindfulness and meditation are essential and I love exploring new ways for myself to balance.
I did find a moment to sit by the pool. It has been a LONG time since this mom had a moment to herself to chill poolside and I cherished EVERY minute!
I have always prided myself as an urban runner, but I have to tell you, I LOVE running trails! The wildlife, the mountains, the greenery. It's running perfection not to be missed.
I will most certainly find my way back to Rancho La Puerta. There were SO many other classes I wanted to check out. If you're interested in an all inclusive experience with a running program, check them out on their website and on Instagram!

Airfit Lincoln Park

You guys, I tried my first aerial class!
EVERYONE has asked: "You must be really flexible?" "Do you have a gymnastics background?" "Is it hard?" "Is it fun?"
I'm here to tell you, I'm NOT flexible. Far from it. I've NEVER been good at gymnastics. It was TOTALLY fun AND it was a really good workout. If you have the chance to try it out, I highly recommend it. My arms are still sore. But it's that good sore where you know you got a good workout. Check them out and see if there's a class near you! OR you can check out their IG feed.

Ode a la Rose in Chicago

This weekend is Mother's Day. We're celebrating a little early in our house since I'm pinch hitting in a last minute marathon for a friend who came up injured. (More on that later.)

Look what came to my door today from Ode a la Rose!
I love fresh cut flowers, and for the life of me, I can't figure out why I don't get them more often. They are quite simply a joy to have around.
Sunday is Mother's Day, don't forget mom! Get your last minute orders in stat! (You can also find Ode a la Rose on FB and IG)
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