Daddy's Home 2: Review

The kids and I were able to see Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg's sequal to Daddy's Home, Daddy's Home 2. Brad (Ferrell) and Dusty (Wahlberg) are successfully co parenting two kids Brad's wife shares with Dusty, along with a daughter Dusty's current wife shares with John Cena.
They decide a good old fashioned family Christmas is in order. All the kids, all the parents in one house. This seems like a great idea until Dusty's father Kurt (Mel Gibson) crashes the party. Brad's father Don (Jon Lithgow) comes for the holiday as well. Kurt decides the house isn't enough Christmas for him and immediately phones up a snow cabin hours away and the whole family is off to the mountains.

What I enjoyed about this movie was the back and forth between Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg. These two guys are really funny and it's apparent that they actually like each other IRL. The film is silly, slapstick and fun. There is a scene where Brad looses a battle with a snowblower and Christmas lights that was hilarious. Will Ferrell is great at physical comedy.

The barometer I use to measure a holiday film is the look on my kid's faces. I looked over at both my son and my daughter many times during the movie and they were laughing out loud. It's been a long year. My family is SO ready for the holidays and this movie was a treat for us to enjoy. Laughing together is the best way I know to start the holiday season don't you think?

Family Fun at Pheasant Run!

No doubt about it, my family needed a weekend away. Something close to Chicago, but defiantly out of the city. We were offered a complimentary night at Pheasant Run Resort, just outside of St Charles, and it was EXACTLY what we needed. I feel at this point, I need to mention I grew up on a farm. Hay rides were a staple of my childhood. Some of my FONDEST memories are from hay rack rides in the country. I couldn't have been more thrilled with the hay ride at Pheasant Run!
Have you ever seen a hay ride decked out like this? You know you want to take a ride!
Pheasant Run was ready with blankets for the cool night and it was PERFECTION. Halfway through the golf course journey, we stopped for hot cider and a show.
I may or may not have joined in the fun. #TotallyDid The next morning, my kids were in the pool. My kids simply can't resist an indoor/outdoor pool.
There is nothing I love more than chilling poolside while my kids splash about.
If they had their way, they'd still be there. Then, we were able to enjoy farm life at Primrose Farms. They have activities like hands on milking, egg gathering, and horse grooming. Which you can book through the front desk.
My son was ALL OVER the chickens.
I had my doubts on whether or not he'd be able to pet one, but he was patient and kind and he did get to pet chickens.
I don't know anyone who can resist baby goats. They are just THE cutest!
If my Maggie had her way, this big guy would be on our patio right now. This is PURE love. Unfortunately he did not fit in the car;)

You can't finish a weekend away without a visit to the spa. While we didn't have time to enjoy a massage or facial, we were able to enjoy the aromatherapy workshop and Maggie was able to take home a body mist that she mixed herself. I would love to go back and enjoy Girlfriends Spa Getaway package, or one of their massages.
I am not a golfer, but I couldn't help but notice they have an amazing 18-Hole Championship Golf Course.

We also enjoyed Jambalaya Restaurant, The Terrace Cafe and Bourbon Street. Their dining options are endless.
We packed quite a bit into our weekend away, and my kids are already asking when we can go back. That's a win in my book! If you're interested in learning more about Pheasant Run, find them on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Stranger Things 2 = Halloween Goodness! #StreamTeam

Ever since the kids and I found out Stranger Things Season 2 was coming out October 27, my kids and I have been planning. We're a Halloween family! The kids plan their route, pick their costumes and hit the streets. How fun is Maggie's Dino costume?! (*As a member of the Stream Team, I do receive free Netflix, BUT all opinions are my own.)
When they're through, I look forward to sitting down to a Chicago deep dish pizza while the kids do some candy trading. THIS year ... we'll be binging Stranger Things Season 2, candy trading and eating deep dish pizza. Ima call that Halloween perfection!
If you haven't seen Stranger Things yet,there’s still time to binge it before Stranger Things 2 launches Oct. 27! I also have a sweet giveaway going on in my IG. Enter to win 3 months of free Netflix for you and a friend!
Talk Halloween with me. What are your kids being? What do you look forward to on Halloween night? Are you as excited for Stranger Things 2 as me?!
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