Celebrate Christmas With The Joffrey Ballet!

What a treat to enjoy Joffrey Ballet's Nutcracker with my daughter!

What's so special about it? It's Chicago themed, set in 1892 leading into the Chicago World's Fair! Does it still have amazing costumes? YES! I loved them all. In my opinion, the Christmas Holiday doesn't begin until you've enjoyed The Nutcracker. Bringing my daughter was a memory I will cherish. I went to college just down the street from the Auditorium Theatre and this part of the city holds a special place in my heart. To be able to share this with my daughter is a real treat!

We discussed our favorite act, and our favorite scenes from the show. It's SO tough to pick a favorite. I love Act II, but I think my favorite scene is the Land of Snow from Act I. It's simply dreamy. The set, stage and dancers are MAGICAL!

We were fortunate enough to be able to go backstage after the show.
The sets, and the props are TOO MUCH FUN!
The Nutcracker will be playing through Dec 30, and you can find tickets here. Also, be sure to check the Joffrey out on Facebook and Instagram!

Get Cozy For Winter With Prana!

Winter came early this year, and I'm ready! I've got a cozy deal to share with you as well. I'm LOVING brands that give back and prAna is one of thoes brands.

This season, I'm living in their Permafrost Half Zip.
Is it as soft, warm and cozy as it looks? YES!
It's literally a must own.
My other staple is the Crestland Pullover. #Swoon
Warmest. Sweater. Ever.
This from the girl who's always cold.
You can find out more about prAna and their commitment to sustainability here. We need more companies like them in the world.

They've also been kind enough to share a 15% discount on your online purchase. Simply use WPCWF18 at checkout. Stay warm this winter friends!

Smallfoot is BIG fun!

The kids and I had the chance to catch Smallfoot in theaters. My Benny has always been a fan of yetis and this movie is right up his ally.
Migo (voiced by Channing Tatum) is a yeti who lives on a mountain top in a secret yeti village with some unbelievable history and traditions. With voices from Common, Zendaya, James Corden, LeBron James and Danny DeVito I knew we were in for a treat!
I thoroughly enjoyed this movie, as did both of my kids. I was also pleasantly surprised by the underlying message, the truth matters. We had quite a discussion about it on the way home. As a parent, I love when movies can tee me up for a teachable moment. The idea of exploring, and pushing beyond what you are told is SO relevant today.

You'll really enjoy the music as well. The opening scene with the yeti village is well done. James Corden is SO fun! If you're looking for a great family film, this one is a can't miss!
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