Cold Weather Running WIth The North Face #TNFLocals

I've been running in Chicago ... year round ... for a while. Everybody always asks me, "How do you run on those days when it's FREEZING?"

That's really an easy question, it all comes down to having the right gear. If you dress for it, you can go out in any weather. I just happened to have gotten some new winter running gear from The North Face that I wanted to share with you!
I took the women's Isotherm Jacket out for a spin today. SO nice! It's lightweight, warm AND it's wind and water resistant which is a HUGE plus.
I also really loved the fit. Everyone who knows me knows, I am in gear all the time. This jacket is going to get a lot of wear.
From the moment I put on the Motus Tights, I was IN LOVE. They are literally THE most comfortable running pants I have ever worn. That's saying a lot, because it's basically ALL I wear. Everything has been thought over with these tights. I especially love the smooth waistband and stretch.

I've been running in the women's Ultra Endurance shoes for over a year new. I love them and could not be more excited about getting my second pair. I've gone around the moon and back with running shoes. I have narrow feet and high arches and these fit Like. A. Glove. Love 'em!
This is my fourth pair of North Face shoes and I can tell you, they last forever and hold up in mud, rain, snow, ice...
...the treads serve me well all year.

I have been a member of The North Face Locals for over a year. I do receive free gear, BUT I am not compensated in any way for my sharing opinions. I truly love The North Face and love sharing with you what's working for me. SO get out there and enjoy your world, don't let the weather stop you!

P.S. if you want to see ALL the gear, check out my FB Live unboxing.

I Love My Hair!

I was heading to La Jolla for and event that I was covering social media for. I wanted a new hair style. Just a boost. Something fun. I think of La Jolla as where the beautiful people are. I think of my hair as kind of my superhero cape. Why not, right?

I went to my old salon...and they gave me the SAME. OLD. THING. Boo. Boring. PLUS, I spent a fortune on it. I knew it was time to change salons. I had heard of Salon 1800 and I called them up. "I need something new. I have long hair and I want it to stay long...I just want something new and fun and BAM with color. Can you do that?" I asked.

"You bet!" they exclaimed, and they scheduled me with Pedro.
How awesome is this place? I just love going here. That was the first time I met Pedro. He's been doing my hair for a year now. New, fun color whenever I go. I let him do what he wants, and I'm never disappointed.

Cut to last Saturday. He said, "I want you to try Olaplex. It will make your hair feel like silk." Since I never question Pedro, I bought it.
Um...Pedro did NOT lie. My hair LITERALLY feels like silk. I want to stress, this is NOT a sponsored post. Salon 1800 has no idea I'm posting this. Olaplex has no idea. I'm just sharing, because this product is just that awesome.

My understanding is that your salon does step No. 1 and No. 2 there, and you buy No. 3 and do it at home.
I rarely have time to actually get up and style my hair on the daily. Typically, I wash it twice a week, blow it out, and go. It's silky, EVERY. DAY. I can't stop touching it. SO soft.

Thanks Salon 1800, for introducing me to Pedro. Thanks Pedro, for introducing me to Olaplex.

Here's to MANY fabulous hair days!

Lemony Snicket’s ‘A Series of Unfortunate Events' #StreamTeam

The kids and I took a trip over the holiday. We checked into the hotel and enjoyed the pool. It's SO cold in Chicago, that sitting at the side of a warm steamy hotel pool is a slice of Heaven. After a yummy dinner, we went back to the room, snuggled in the giant bed and fired up Netflix.

I had early access to Lemony Snicket’s ‘A Series of Unfortunate Events'. Maggie has read the books and we were all very excited to see Neil Patrick Harris as the creepy Count Olaf. There is nothing better than curling up with the kids, having nothing on our to do list but binge some Netflix. This show did NOT disappoint!

The show starts with Lemony Snicket (played by Patrick Warburton) warning us NOT to watch what we are about to watch. This concerned Benny a bit, but I explained to him we'd just give it a chance and if it scared him, we'd turn it off. Thankfully, it was just the right amount of entertainment and foreboding to keep us all watching.
Even though this isn't in any way an animated show, we all felt it had a Tim Burton quality about it. A dark, oddness surrounds the movie and the characters encountered by the Baudelaire children.

While the kids loved the show and a couple of characters I can't mention here, they found the adults infuriating. "Why don't they see he's clearly a bad man trying to steal their money?" "Why doesn't anyone listen to the  Baudelaire's?" (Between you and I, it's a bit how I felt about a certain Presidential election, but that's another story.)

Look for the FANTASTIC guest performances. They are gems sprinkled through out season 1. I both adored and wanted to shake Joan Cusack's wacky judge character.

Get ready to fire up your Netflix, Lemony Snicket’s ‘A Series of Unfortunate Events' drops Jan 13!
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