Ready For The Rain With #KamikStepOutside!

If April showers bring May flowers, I'm ready for some spring flowers up in here! That said, with our Kamik rain boots, we are not letting the rain in Chicago slow this family down. When we go out, we need our boots to:
  • Keep our feet dry
  • Be comfortable
  • Be stylish
I love that Kamik has a boot for EVERYONE in the family!
Benny is hard on rain boots.
He is LITERALLY always stomping in puddles. For him I chose the Stomp (Big Kid) boot. They fit perfectly, keep his feet dry and he loves them.
Mags is all about style.
Would you believe she and I are only ONE size away from each other?!
She and I both got the Jennifer women's boot.
They are perfect for rainy Chicago days AND your feet will stay dry even if the wind turns your umbrella inside out!
Andy says his Lars boot are the most comfortable rain boots he's ever owned and he LOVES them!

If you're on the look out for rain boots for the whole family, you can find Kamik's everywhere. Check out their store locator. You can also check them out on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

The rain just keeps on coming in Chicago, BUT our feet will be dry with our Kamik boots!

*I received free rain boots for this review, all opinions are my own.

Sleeping Beauty

I have been putting off mattress shopping for too long. Do you know what I've found? Mattress shopping doesn't have to be hard OR expensive.
I got a new mattress from Best Choice Products. This bed shipped straight to my door neatly packed in a box. All we had to do was open it up and let it expand for 48 hours.
Fully expanded, it is about 6 inches thick. It is SO comfortable!
There's memory foam on the bottom and then a gel topper for coolness.
 The only problem I've found with my new bed, is that EVERYONE wants to sleep on it.
Even Mr. Kitty.
I'm NEVER going back to spring mattresses again. EVER!

Go check out Best Choice Products. This is the bed. I've got my eye on the Eames dining chairs next. SO much to choose from! Happy shopping!

Running In Color

I was in a Tabata class yesterday, and I noticed that EVERYONE was wearing black leggings. Well, everyone but me.
I'm done with boring black leggings. If I can't inject a little sass into my running pants, where can I? These are from Lotus Leggings AND they are not only fun, I love the thickness, the high waist AND they actually stay up. There's nothing I hate more than having to pull up my leggings during a run. Just NO.
The good folks at Lotus Leggings have given me a discount code for 50% off YES FIFTY PERCENT OFF of your purchase. I'm not an affiliate, just excited to share an awesome deal with you. SO get shopping and inject some color into your workout! Use the code FOCynthia at checkout.
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