Party With King Julien #AllHailKingJulien #StreamTeam

THIS, is the face of one excited little girl!

She is hosting her very own #KingJulien New Year's Eve Party. Tomorrow at 5pm, three of her friends are coming over to party down, and ring in 2015.

I am SO grateful our friend King Julien was kind enough to prepare a countdown for us...
...you see, mommy won't make it to ACTUAL midnight, but with this video...we can celebrate...SUGGESTED midnight.

And all was right with the world;)

If your kids haven't found King Julien yet, I highly recommend you check him out.
Our family is HUGE fans of the Madagascar films, and this Netflix original series is true to the fun of the character. My kiddos have been watching all five episodes since they were made available Dec 19. (I enjoy watching it too.)

What are your kiddos watching on Netflix over the break?

I am a member of the Netflix Stream Team. I received a welcome kit which includes a year’s subscription to Netflix. Opinions expressed are my own.


Yes I Did Just Get My Christmas Shopping Done At The Louis Joliet Mall!

T'was the week before Christmas, and all through the house...mommy had been working, and NOT gotten out. To the Louis Joliet Mall she must go, to meet nephew James for lunch...and then shopping they'll go!
Seriously, I had NOT shopped a bit, and Christmas is fast approaching. James, who just graduated from college (insert applause here) met me for some fine holiday shopping fun!

We. Shopped. It. Out!
So many stores...H&M just opened last Friday, and I LOVE that store. I found some super cute gifts for my Maggie. (Can't show them, because she reads this blog...but I did well.) I also picked up a cozy warm sweater and infinity scarf for me. Oh, and how CUTE are these New Year's Eve party favors?! SO. CUTE.

Gotta stay focused though. More shopping to do...
I could not be happier. Oh the deals we found. Honestly, I got so many wonderful presents, I am just thrilled! I checked off my list so fast, we had time to grab a yummy lunch at TGI Fridays (Nachos as far as the eye could see.)

Then some selfie fun at the Digi Tree.
Took our picture-check. Picked our category/seasonal-check. Added caption "hot cocoa & s'mores" because it sounded so good-check. Send selfie to the tree-done! Would it make us sound silly if I told you we followed our picture all around the tree? Yes. OK, well...we didn't do that. (Totally did.)

I have been slammed at work, and it was a relief to meet James, who I don't get to see enough, exhale and get my Christmas shopping done. Well, close to done;)

To check out all the goings on at The Louis Joliet Mall, visit their Facebook page.

Now that I am feeling good about catching up with my holiday shopping, how about you...done, almost done, or *gulp* haven't started yet?

*While I was invited to experience the holidays at Louis Joliet Mall, and compensated, all experiences and opinions are my own.


Confession time...

This is not my house. THIS house has lovely Christmas decorations.

MY house...none. I gotta get on this Holiday train! Working too much...Holidaying too l little.

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