Things Rattling Around In My Brain...

I wasn't going to do a Thursday Thirteen this week. Then I realized there was tons of stuff kickin' around in my head and I'm just going to get it all out...Without further ado, I give you the contents of my noggin'.
1) I was contacted by a fellow blogger about a little baby who is in the hospital. All she wanted, was everyone to pray for this brave little fellow and his family. I did her one better and linked up a badge to their site. Go read little Jeremy's story...I don't care if you believe in the power of prayer, good vibes, positive thoughts, or a kind word...go and give it to this family. They need all the positive they can get. If you care to put this code on your blog, it links to Jeremy's updates...

2) I'm pissed off, I just finished this list and lost it!!!
3) What was Obama thinking when he made the comment about Pennsylvanians?!! It doesn't matter how he meant it, you can't say anything and not assume you are not being recorded...C'mon!
4) J. K. Rowling is a bad egg. She is suing this poor sap who has been writing the blog The Lexicon. He had planned to publish a Potter encyclopedia. She and Warner Bros. won't let him. Seriously, have they not made enough money?!? This is a run of maybe 1,500 books. Until now, J.K.R. has praised his site and used it as a reference. This guy loves her and her work, now she's suing him...Really J.K.R!?! Really, go buy an island!
5) The Bro is going to the China Olympics (for TV, not an athlete). I'm just worried about all the Tibet protests, does this have the potential to get ugly?
6) Sissy hasn't started a blog.
7) I have chosen the marathon I want to run...problem, it's a lottery entry. If I get in, I am going to train like the wind. If not, I am not going to run a marathon this year. Here's the thing, I've run 6 marathons. I don't have to prove I can do one. I need to cut 14 min. out of my time. It's all about picking the right course, and I believe this one is the one. Wish me luck on the lottery!
8) I was contacted by email today by my "Aidan" know, Aidan from Sex and the City, well this was my version...The guy I dated before I married Husband. He had come across my blog and wanted to say "hi". Such a blast from a life that seems light years away from where I am now. He's married and living in S.F. with two kiddos. It's just so weird when you think about the person you were before you had kiddos...My life was so focused on me. Who was that girl?
9) Husband has been working like a dog. I'm behind him 100%, I just want him to be successful. It leaves all the parenting squarely on my shoulders, I'm wiped out!
10) Did you see David Cook on Idol last night? Any one who can rock out a Mariah Carey song deserves to win in my book! This guy was awesome!!!
11) Totally rooting for Jason and Edyta on Dancing With the Stars. I'm in the Kristy has an unfair advantage camp.
12) Can't wait for Women's Murder Club to come back! Problem is, it's taking Boston Legal's time slot. Where is my Boston Legal going?
13) I keep chugging along with Illustrator...Today I drew a pear...


  1. Love the pear....and I'm behind Obama and Michelle too!!! [she'll make a better first lady than Billy. hehehehehe]

    My 13 movie stills is shared for T-13 this week. Come by if you can.

  2. I'm so with you on Dancing with the Stars.

    And I have no idea what Obama said, but now I'm curious, being a Pennsylvanian and all (by marriage, not by birth, of course).

    Totally cool pear!!

  3. Great pear!

    Very disappointing about Rowlings.

  4. OK. Little Jeremy. Oh, my heart. Prayers are going out that way. Taking the code :)

    J.K. irritates me. Why, oh why? How much money do you need?

    Sissy needs to get busy!

    I'm doing my first half marathon this year . . . you inspire me!

    Oooohhh...blast from the past. Exciting, in a completely platonic sort of way, of course.

    David Cook, Jason--I'm all over it. Really, I am.

    Love the pear!

  5. Nice list. You really do have a lot going on in your life.

  6. Yet another reason I'm glad I haven't read any Harry Potter books. What a bitch. I like your pear. And, when you need to rant about single parenting, lemme know as I'll be here.

  7. love love love David Cook ;)

  8. Can I just say I am in awe of you running SIX marathons!

    And the pear. I wish I could do Illustrator.

  9. Thanks again for being so wonderful and spreading the word about little Jeremy. The little man seems like he is putting up a good fight. I can't imagine what his parents are going through.

  10. Wait... you dated Aidan from Sex and the City AND you've run 6 marathons and Obama was at your wedding.

    My god woman... I'm starting to get an inferiority complex.

  11. I'm with you on Rowling--that just seems so petty! I wonder if her lawyers deemed it necessary to protect her copyright? Still, it stinks.

    Good luck with the marathon lottery!

  12. I love David Cook, he is my pick to win Idol and also, Jason/Edyta on DWTS...Kristy does not deserve to win...I think it is unfair with her background she was chosen anyway.

  13. Yeah I wish that J.K. Rowlings would just keep to the writing and lay off the other things like suing poor enthusiasts. I mean she's got more money than probably Oprah at this point, isn't that enough?

  14. Wonderful list.
    Yes, even politicans go brain dead from time to time. He's not my choice anyway.
    Yes, David Cook should win AI.
    Yes, it will give you a strange feeling when a past relationship pops up on your blog out of nowhere. It truly is cyberspace.
    And Yes, Jason and Edyta are my favorites as well on DWTS.
    Have a great T13

  15. Love the pear... I'm with on the Rowlings issue. She seemed to like him enough before.

  16. Poor little Jeremy! :(

    Vector is where it's at baby!

  17. Love the pear :) I agree about David, total mad skillz.

    *sigh* I remember the woman I was before marriage and kid... So much FREE time!

  18. Nice list. You have a lot on your mind these days, thankfully not all of it serious. Good luck on the marathon lottery. Very nice pear.

    Happy TT!

  19. which marathon did you pick so I can do a "marathon lottery" dance for you? (which won't be pretty!) and your illustrator skills are awesome. I'm still trying to figure out what the heck a layer is in Photoshop, lol!

  20. What an great way to get the randomness out of your head. Good luck on the marathon!

  21. I was reading every one of these and nodding yes, yes and yes. Especially to JK Rowling needing to give it up and David Cook being awesome!

  22. I love the random thoughts. I think they just make more sense to me.

  23. #3- I have taken a HUGE step back from all the election press, it's so uplifting!

    #5- I think the Olympics will all work out in the end. Although I have to say, I am thrilled Tibet is getting somewhat of a voice in the world.

    #7- Good luck with the lottery!

    Love the pear, have a great weekend!

  24. I love the randomness...
    I like Kristi just because I am in total lust with Mark! But of the celebrities, Jason is definitely my fav! And David Cook is a freakin' genius! I think Boston Legal is one of the funniest shows on TV and it kills me that more people don't watch it.

  25. The world needs to remember that China wants to do to Taiwan what it has done to Tibet. i.e. rape, pillage, and annex the country while killing many hundreds of thousands.

    Right about J. K. Voldemort.

  26. "12) Can't wait for Women's Murder Club to come back! Problem is, it's taking Boston Legal's time slot. Where is my Boston Legal going?"

    I saw one episode. Saw Stargate guy. Borg Seven of Nine, and William Shatner. All I can remember of the plot was a too-long discussion of William Shatner farting.

    I have no idea if he puts pauses in his farts like he does with his speech. I... tried.... to forget.... about this.... episode.

  27. Now see, I like Kristi and Mark. But Jason is cool and I'd love to see Edyta win.

    And yep, David Cook all the way.


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