Rattle, Rattle, Rattle...

I don't know what it is about the middle of the week, but things just start rattling around in my brain. I find that if I put it on the blog, it helps me clear my head. I don't know if there are thirteen things, so...let's take a shot at it...
1) This whole Obama, Rev. Wright thing is weirding me out...what's up with it? Is this going to kill the Obama campaign? I don't know, but so far, it isn't looking good...am I not going to be the V.P.?
2) Did you see Dancing With the Stars? What was up with Christian de la Fuente? I know he says he pulled a muscle or something, it just looked so weird, I mean he wasn't doing anything when it happened...
3) You know I have to mention this Miley Cyrus mess. Who lets a 15 year old pose without clothes on? What were they thinking!?!
4) What was up with Paula Abdul on Idol...drugs or drinking?
5) Fwiw, I though Idol s*cked last night...and I love Neil Diamond.
6) Ummm, I keep seeing this giant squid on the news (1,100 lbs) where did it come from, and why is it on my TV every time I turn around?
7) I have to go to a party at a hot sushi place this Friday...What the heck do I wear?!?
8) Why am I so jacked up to see Ironman?
9) Have you heard of the Jimi Hendrix sex tape...why would anyone want to watch this?
10) Does Ben control the smokemonster on LOST...what the heck is that thing?
11) Why am I obsessed with CSI Miami?
12) With gas prices, the mortgage crisis, and now the raising food prices...what's it gonna take for the Government to get on the U.S. economy and start making some decisions that are going to help ease it into some kind of recovery? Seriously!
13) My Birthday is next week...what do I want???
Wow, I could keep on going...Why is there so much junk rattling around in my head?


  1. The answers to all of your questions :-)

    1. It isn't helping him. I don't think you will be VP. You are nice and all, but I really don't think you'd like the hours.
    2. I didn't. His name is to many words.
    3. Apparently Mr. Achy Breaky Heart. They were thinking $$$.
    4. A little of everything. Not sure she had many brain cells to begin with.
    5. Still on the DVR.
    6. They are watching you. Whenever you turn around, they show it. Its a conspiracy, man!
    7. Try not to wear any with scales or fishy cologne.
    8. Because Plasticman is just too creepy.
    9. There's really nothing else on TV any more. Beside...Hendrix RULES!!!
    10. Yes he does. It's a smoke moster silly. Look it up in wikipedia.
    11. Because that show rocks and no one takes there glasses off and turns side ways quite like Horatio.
    12. A revolution.
    13. You want the world to have more maps. Because you are map deprived.

  2. Yep, something was wrong with Paula last night!

    CSI Miami is the only CSI that I do not like watching. I have tried, but the whole cast drives me nuts. :)

    I agree with #3. What were they thinking?

  3. I can't answer most of those questions because I don't watch those TV shows. As for the economy, it might help if the country didn't have to pay hundreds of billions of dollars on a useless war. The stimulus payments should be arriving soon -- just in time for everyone to spend them on gas. Money straight out of the treasury and into the bank accounts of Texaco, Exxon etc.

  4. That giant squid would freak me out if I ever saw one in the water. Better to just stay out of the ocean, if you ask me.

    As for #12...a new administration?

    Happy birthday, early!

  5. Who is Paula? What was Neil Diamond on? The Cyrus parents should be punished for child abuse. I have no idea what to wear to a sushi place - I can't stand the stuff. Happy Birthday

    The Pink Flamingo

  6. Wright is doing all this for him, not Obama. He's in the limelight and he doesn't care whos back he walks across. Not it isn't helping. Sorry about the V.P. position. Happy early Birthday. Great list. Have a wonderful TT. :)

  7. Clearly, you should dress as a giant squid for the sushi night. Just be prepared to run if the chef gets too close...

  8. No. 1 is weirding me out, too. What's with holding him accountable for what someone else says and does? I've sat through many a sermon in a few different churches, and I wouldn't want to be held accountable for all I've heard in the pulpit! If this is the worst they have on Obama, he's got my vote!

  9. You know the only one I can touch is the Lost one. I say yes, he controls it. When you know how and why and what the hell, could you let me know? Thanks.

  10. Great 13. That was weird with Christian de la Fuente wasn't it? Don't have a clue what's going on with Lost. That smoke thing is just too freaky. Poor Paula, they just said they are keeping her on the show, guess I missed something, was there ever any question? Miley Cyrus is a child, I agree WHY in the world would her parents let her pose like that, I don't care who the photograper is or how famous she is. My 6 yr old granddaughter loves Hannah Montana, just what I want her idol to be doing. Disgusting.

  11. 8) Because Robert Downey is super cool!!

  12. Eww-- giant squid??! I haven't seen that yet! Miley Cyrus-- man, that girl is ALL over the internet these days.

  13. I knew it was your birthday, so I've hired Neil Diamond to come over and serenade you on the day!

  14. #1- I am too angry about this sabotage to leave a diatribe here.

    #7- Cute shoes, jeans, and a sexy top.

    #12- good luck with the gov't paying attention to domestic crisis.

    #13- oooh, lucky you!

  15. Girlfriend, you definitely have alot on your mind;) Paula Abdul is on drugs...Im convinced. Im jacked up to see Ironman too. It looks like a great movie. Happy TT.

  16. Happy pre-birthday!!! I hope you have a wonderful day! :) Any cool plans?

    I think you'd feel better if you turned off the tube - but that's just me. ;)

  17. 1. Of course you will be the next VP. What a silly question!
    2. I do not watch Dancing with the Stars... EVER.
    3. Was Billy Ray really standing there looking dumb while his 15 year old daughter took a picture like that? That was crazy, but if they did it for the publicity, it worked.
    4. Paula takes lots of pain meds (known fact) because of her broken back many yrs ago. But who knows! And who cares!
    5. I hated Neil Diamond's new song he sang last night. I thought sure Jason would go home, not Brooke.
    6. Haven't seen it!
    7. Anything that doesn't resmble fish scales or have fish painted on it!
    8. I have no idea. Terrence Howard maybe?
    9. I thought he was dead!
    10. I think he does. It is Evil!
    11. Gotta be those sunglasses... that red hair...that LOOK.
    12. I seriously think it will get much worse before it gets better.
    13. Cash is good. Spa? Red Carpet event of Ironman?

  18. Susan beat me to it - I was going to suggest dressing as a giant squid for the sushi thing too!

    Or you could just go with basic black pants and a black scoop neck tank with some dramatic jewelry.

  19. 1) It's a shame, really.
    2) A torn tendon, they're saying. But he can compete and have surgery later. Which makes me VERY nervous, I must say.
    3) I hear that she had more photos taken after they left the set. Perhaps that's when it happened.
    4) She's a liability, that one.
    5) I don't care for Neil, and I agree, it sucked. I wish they could pick their own songs.
    6) Ick. Haven't seen that
    7) I have to go to a party at a hot sushi place this Friday...What the heck do I wear?!?
    8) Um. Who?
    9) Not a clue.
    10) I know! I can't wait for tonight.
    11) Good question. I don't care for that red-headed dude.
    12) GAH.
    13) A nice piece of jewelry, perhaps? Happy Birthday!

  20. Why ARE you obsessed with CSI Miami? Most people I know can't stand it....

    Happy Birthday for next week :D

  21. my head is full of junk too. full.

  22. Good questions. I think the smartest people are always questioning. Happy TT!

  23. OMG - I am thinking about 10 things on your list! And it's not what you want for your BD :o)
    Great list and happy TT!

  24. Great questions! I love wathcing CSI shows. But I'm rather bummed I missed Paula :(

    I hope you have a happy Birthday! Ask for anything and everything :)

  25. I am with you on #10, how did he release that monster??

  26. I hope you love comments as much as I do, because I'm following ohcaptain, Sandy, and dcrmom's leads . . .

    1. Killing me! What the heck! I think you might want to start sucking up to the other two for that V.P. slot.
    2. So odd . . . I thought it looked weird too. I'm such a skeptic I thought at first it was his way of covering for losing the steps.
    3. Supposedly her parents weren't there when THAT pic was taken. Hmm...skeptic in me . . . hard to believe.
    4. I think Paula is in the state of perpetual confusion.
    5. Yeah, not so good. A couple that weren't so bad, but that's about it. I must confess, not a ND fan . . .
    6. It is on TV because it is CREEPY.
    7. Something HOT!
    8. Because you harbor secret ambitions to be the an Ironman.
    9. NO. Really? Don't want to see it.
    10. ?
    11. When you find out, let me know 'cause I am too.
    12. I'd buy bike, but I can't afford it.
    13. Happy early B-day! MONEY!!!

  27. Very random list! :)

    The whole Paula thing was very odd, but I'm giving her the benefit of the doubt. I wasn't real impressed with Idol last night either though.

    I'm so with you on #12!!!

  28. Way to go Ohcaptain! Your brain and my brain are on similar tracks. :-)
    Great TT.

  29. OMG your head is full. Breathe deep. The good news is that most of that really isn't important lol. Great TT

  30. You have a lot on your mind. Sometimes it's hard to keep focused when you keep getting sidetracked. I'm seriously glad I don't watch TV anymore, though.

    Happy TT!

  31. Have a great birthday.
    Obama, yep this Rev. Wright thing is hurting him and I don't like that.
    CSI Miami is good.
    Idol wasn't that great was it?
    You want...diamonds?
    Great TT!

  32. Let me say HAPPY BIRTHDAY already! I hope you get ... Barry Manilow since you're a fanilow. :)

  33. There's a Jimi Hendrix sex tape? Really? I find this highly disturbing.

  34. We loved CSI Miami because of the great one-liners that came from Horatio just before the Roger Daltrey scream. Well, sometimes they're better than others. BTW, I'm guessing you're a fellow obsessed TV fan. Have you checked out http://televisionwithoutpity.com? They once called Horatio the "Devil's red-headed stepchild." Kind of awesome.

    Happy "Lost" day!

  35. So, how was Mister Diamond's style when he sang Happy Birthday to you?

  36. Paula was high on life. I'm sure it comes in a bottle.

    Wear something sassy to sushi, but don't order the squid. Sounds like there is far too much of it available right now.

  37. Politics in this country just makes me want to hang my head and cry... and sometimes it also makes me want to move away.

    As does the fact that we "worship" someone like Billy Ray Cyrus' daughter. Ick. She's not even talented.

    On the upside, I hope you have a wonderful birthday and that the giant squid stops haunting you! ; )

  38. Ben and the smoke monster and all of the other freaking mysteries of that island are driving me crazy. I'm thinking about it entirely too much!

  39. We've already discussed the Obama thing and I think we're good there. LOL

    But the Miley Cyrus?? I'm with you on that. What happened to the last remaining role model for young girls?

  40. Happy T13!

    I want to be your assistant if you become VP. :D

  41. Really good questions!

    No CSI for me, but Law & Order in all its many incarnations . . .

    Thanks for the ScanDisk--I got it today. Will thank you officially on my blog on Saturday!

  42. I vote for the giant squid costume at the sushi bar. And for running if the chef starts eyeing you too closely...

    Happy belated TT!

  43. good thoughts all.. but most importatnly Happy Birthday next week!!!


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