Halloween house

I love me some Halloween. Love it. Love it. Love it.

We pass this house every day, sometimes twice a day. My Little Man is SO scared of it=O You just know the folks who live here dress up, and give out AWESOME candy=P

I want sound effects like wind and a creaky door with a cackling witchy poo.

Lil' bit of truth time now...Remember the fabu party I have been going to forever? (Sissy will tell you in the comments that it's no fun...but she's wrong...Did you not have fun here, or here Sissy? You did...so hush up=P)

Anyway, it's not happening this year:( Oh, they're throwing the party...I just have NO ONE to go with. I'm totally bummed about it. The folks I usually go with are throwing their own party. Not. As. Fun=/

So BAH...I don't think I'm going to my party this year.  

Insert. Pity. Party. Here=(


  1. HOw about going to the party the other people are throwing.

    I love the house, but not sure I would knock on the door on Halloween..yikes

  2. That house is awesome.

    I am so sorry that there is no Halloween party this year.

  3. Awesome house, even around the decorations.

    And I'm *almost* as sorry as you are that you won't be attending that party. I love seeing your costume every year - you rock anything you do.

  4. But you HAVE to go to a party so I can look at photos of your kick ass costume and hate you a little!

  5. That's a HOUSE???? It looks like the front of a court house or a library.

    And I would offer to escort you to the party - but I just don't have a THING to wear.

  6. I'm with Lou, that is some house! Perfect for Halloween decorations, too! None of our neighbors really do anything. Sigh. I guess we should probably do something.

    And BOO for no party!

  7. O. currently refuses to go anywhere near Walgreens, even covers his eyes when we drive past, due to the "scary stuff."
    I think you should still put together an awesome costume -- have your own party!!


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