#53 Look what I found!

Daily Chuck...

Oh Heather...I'm thinking along with a light source coming out of your a**, you must have high ceilings as well. I on the other hand live in The Batcave, so I have no use for this $9.95 prop I bought at Home Depot:P

You getting the impression Smokey is SO over this project? It's gonna be a long year my friend=/


  1. LOLOL!! Delightful! you can make it a giveaway. Today was classic Heather. Can't. wait.

  2. I'm really beginning to think it might be your camera more so than your light sources. Not to encourage you to get a new one or anything. ;-)

  3. And the cat is thinking, "Don't EVEN ask what happened to the frigging light bulb, Lady."

  4. Smokey just needs a second cat wind.

    (I am now all about the phrase cat wind.)


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