Where you figure out I'm crazy

I don't put a lot of stock in dreams. I mean c'mon...I dream every night. I can't actually keep track of them=/

Last night, I had a weird one.

Many folks have anxiety dreams involving being back in high school in their underwear, or missing your final exams, or not being able to actually get to class. My anxiety dreams always involve moving to a house that is decrepit, in a creepy neighborhood, with tons of space and cluttered rooms.

Last night, I found myself and my family (along with a trader I really disliked we shall call "Nale"...no idea why he was there) in a HUGE creepy old house, that was oddly smack dab in the middle of a country club lane on a golf course.

I wandered around the house, looking at old musty bedroom after old musty bedroom, wondering how the heck I ended up here. I got back to the family room, and my Husband had arranged all the living room furniture in one room. It was packed with multiple desks, old TV's, couches, end chairs...I couldn't figure out why ALL the furniture had to be packed in that one room when there were so many empty rooms. That weird trader guy Nale just sat on the floor and stared at me. (Why was he there?)

Here is where I admit I am crazy. I have an irrational fear of buttons. Yes...I said "buttons".

It's not actually a fear, they just make me REALLY uncomfortable. I never buy shirts with buttons (blech, I just cringed even typing that *cringe*) You will never see me in a shirt or dress with buttons. I can handle them on a suit jacket, but only of there's a layer underneath without them.

Yep, I'm crazy. Like, in the top drawer of our dresser, Husband has put a button that came off his pants. I can't look at it if I'm in that drawer=/ *shudder* (Seriously, I can't even handle the button bag on Project Runway.)

Anyways...back to the dream. For some totally random reason, there were multiple card catalog bookshelves full of...you guessed it...BUTTONS=O

What did Husband do with these bookshelves? He stacked them right in the front entry hall. Meaning every time I walked in or out of the house...I'd have to pass the buttons *cringe*...

I was all in a dither over this, when our land lady appeared. (Yes, she appeared. She didn't walk into the room...it was more like a "poof" and there she was.) Landlady woman was a familiar Hollywood actress, but I couldn't put my finger on who she was...kind of a cross between Jennifer Grey, and Moira Kelly. (Is there a reason for this? I don't know=/)

The second she appeared I said "I know this is a dream...none of this is real."

To which she said, without missing a beat "Good, knowing it's a dream is half the battle. Now...what does it mean?"

OK...WTF!?! I woke up right then and there, and I haven't been able to figure this out...all day! Usually, I forget my dreams...but this one has stuck with me=P

Do dreams mean anything? What am I supposed to get out of this dream other than I am a big 'ole bucket of nuts?


  1. Well you are not crazy, you are normal compared to me. I have irrational fears about not closing my garage when I pull away from the house, leaving my car unlocked, and plan b's for everything.

    Your obsession with no clutter and white walls does fascinate me....my son's room is on my blog from yesterday. I'm sure all of that color completely FREAKS you out...and OMG the toys...

  2. I got nothing! One of my friends is obsessed with dreams and their meanings, though. I'll have her take a look!

  3. Admitting your a bucket of nuts is half the battle, lol.
    I have weird things, too. I get so ticked off when people come to my back door. Seriously, my front yard is landscaped, and people will park out front and walk all they way around to my back yard, which is trashed with toys and bikes from 7 kids, and come to the back door. WHY???? WHY???? I've even started parking our vehicles out front so people think we use that door, still they come to the back.
    So I put a "Please use other door." sticker on my back door so they would have to walk back around to the front, serves them right, huh? But no, they don't ever SEE the sign. UGH!!!!!

    I'm a nut, too.

  4. I love figuring out I'm dreaming. Sometimes I see where it goes, much like reading a book someone else wrote, and others I make it make more (and sometimes) less sense just for kicks.

    As for what it means? I guess it means you shouldn't move into an old musty house with a card catalog filled with buttons.

    But you probably already knew that much.


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