Ozark Is Dark And Fantastic #StreamTeam

Let's just all agree that Jason Bateman has come a long way since Silver Spoons. A LONG way.
My friends and I grew up watching him. (Between you and I ... I even remember him on Little House on the Prairie.) SO, when we saw the Ozark trailer, my gang, spread all over the nation now, was all ready to start the binge on July 21.

I can't help but wonder if everyone does this. We all binge and text each other, making sure not to give anything away until everyone is caught up. "What episode are you on?" "OK, I'll wait. LMK when you finish episode 6 🙊🙊🙊"

Yowza this show is dark, but GOOD! It kind of reminded me of a Midwestern Bloodline. (And you know I loved my Bloodline.) The decisions these characters make send them in a downward spiral that you don't want to watch...but have to. I loved the middle of the run flashback. It told a story I didn't expect on how Jason Bateman's Marty Byrd finds himself uprooting his family from Chicago in the span of a weekend and laundering 8 million dollars for the drug cartel. That just doesn't happen to a golfing, suburb living, financial planner dad.
Laura Linney (Marty Byrd's wife) reminds me of Robin Wright from House of Cards in how complicated she is. There are many layers to her. I was at times floored by her decisions. You can't not watch her. At times you wonder if there is any emotion at all in her.

This is only a 10 episode first season. And the supporting is SPOT on. From Marty's daughter and son, to the thieving assistant he hires to the Southern drug dealer, and the FBI agent hot on his trail. The characters are complicated, and well played.

I finished season one looked down at my phone to the text, "I'm ready for season 2 stat!"

I agree!

*As a member of the Stream Team, I do receive free Netflix, BUT all opinions are my own.

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