Hamilton An American Musical

I can't pinpoint the moment when my daughter became obsessed with Hamilton the musical. I know it happened before Christmas. Somewhere along the line, she carried her iPad everywhere, listening to the soundtrack on Spotify. She knew EVERY WORD. These songs are not easy. She can go toe to toe with Daveed Diggs, Guns and Ships!

I have noticed that all my friends who have teen or preteen girls, have the same thing going on in their house. The music is good PLUS, they know more about American history than I will ever know in my lifetime. We are talking about a rap musical about the founder of the American Banking system. Read that again. RAP MUSICAL ABOUT THE FOUNDER OF THE AMERICAN BANKING SYSTEM. That is a thing!

Hamilton has been a tough ticket to get in Chicago. Back when it opened, I remember people sleeping in front of the box office for tickets. I knew I had to get tickets for Maggie for Christmas. I've been on an experiences not stuff campaign for over a year now. I knew these tickets would be steep, but SO worth it.

I had to dig, and dig, and dig ... but I got good seats for Aug 2.

She was SO excited. I was so excited to have this moment with her. Our night was FINALLY here!
While I had heard the music many, many, MANY times, I had never actually seen it. What a ride it is. I adored every minute. Maggie must have asked me a thousand times what my favorite part was and truly, my favorite part was the look on her face through the entire show. It's something I will never forget.
After the show, we went to the stage door in the hopes of meeting some of the cast.
The cast was so kind and signed every autograph and posed for every picture with everyone who was waiting. This is the actor who plays Charles Lee.
This is Aaron Burr. #Wonderful
We also got to meet the actor who plays Alexander Hamilton! SO fun.

Currently Hamilton is running in New York, Chicago and San Francisco. If you get the chance, run to see this show!

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