I've Been On A Journey #StreamTeam

It has taken me a long time to get there. To tell you the truth, I'm not sure we ever actually GET there.

Let me word this a different way. I've come to the conclusion that I don't need more. What I actually need, is less. I've been holding on to things that I don't use for reasons I can't understand. When I saw The Minimalists had a new documentary, I binged it immediately. Then I binged it again.

What I have learned is this "THINGS do NOT bring us happiness." I entered the holidays with a mindset of "buy experiences not things." With that, I bought my daughter orchestra seats for Hamilton. (That's another story.) These tickets will be a memory that lives with her forever.  Much longer than any toy or clothing I could have purchased.

I've also been on a tear to get rid of stuff in my house. I think I've scared my family, and I'm trying not to purge any of their stuff in my fury to create white space. Here's my bedroom. This brings me joy.
There's basically nothing left in it. Nothing under the bed. Nothing on the floor. Just a space to sleep, dedicated to relaxation. Would you like to see what left? (I knew that you would!)
This was all just taking up space in the closet. I literally couldn't remember the last time I wore any of it. It had to go.
I really don't know how or why I ended up with so many pairs of shoes. How many pairs of shoes can one person own? SO much stuff I haven't worn in so long. It's ridiculous.
My first round brought out 4 garbage bags to the Salvation Army, followed by another 3.

I know minimalism is not just about getting rid of stuff. For me, it's about creating more space. All of the things in my house were weighing me down. I did the fastest KonMari Method ever. I'd look at it, hold it, if it didn't bring me joy, it had to go. That's it. "Does it bring me joy?" "Nope." "It's gotta go."

I'm by no means done with my purge, but I'm making progress. Is anyone else downsizing the load heading into the new year? I'm so curious to hear.

*I also need to mention 2 series that dropped on Netflix over the break. 

First, The OA. I loved it. I binged it so fast it was over before I knew it. It's kind of like a grown up Stranger Things. I was definitely left wanting more. I hope Netflix brings it back for a season 2.

Second, Travelers. Let's start by saying I love Eric McCormack! Love him! This sci-fi thriller is out there for sure, but I loved every second of it. This one left me wanting more NOW too. I don't know what Netflix has planned for it, but I need season 2 yesterday.

Third, I just started The Fall. So far, so good!


  1. "Buy experiences not things." guess that way back our family did some things the same...took the kiddos at 3 am up to Chicago to video the Tuk exhibit...remember that? Also as the kiddos grew sent the two daughters to Italy on a tour, took son to San Salvador for biology classes, a daughter to England to see where her grandfather grew up, and a grandson to England which included Phantom of the Opera and Starligh Express. Think it was somethat that will last forever in their minds which an Atri will a very short time.

    1. Italy was AMAZING. I must do more experiences not things ;)


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