Dylan's Candy Bar Chicago - Sweet Events!

The kids and I see movies a lot. Especially now that it's so cold. It's the perfect weekend afternoon activity. We take the 151 bus down Michigan Avenue, get off at Nordstrom and head to River East 21. On the way home, the kids always say, "Can we go to Dylan's Candy Bar ... Please, Please, PLEASE!" (I always say yes.)
I find Dylan's Candy Bar to be quite delightful. Sometimes I let them have a candy spree. Sometimes we go to the cafe and have hot chocolates. My personal favorite is the nostalgia candy they have in the back of the store. SO many goodies there!
Recently, I found out you can have events at Dylan's. Maggie's birthday is not until July, but we are already planning on having it at Dylan's.
Check out what the kids ordered at the cafe! OH. MY. YUM!
They ate ... and ate ... and ATE!
Is there such a thing as too much sweetness? I think not!

Check out Dylan's for your next event, or find them on Facebook and Instagram for some yum!

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