2016 Christmas Win!

We had a great Christmas. It was mellow. We didn't have to travel. That's just the way I like it. I'm not gonna lie though, I found it a little tough to shop for the kiddos. They are of the age where they want specific things, and if I go off book ... well, that's not always a win. BUT, I went off book.

I was at the store with my bro, and we saw it ... an old school Atari! It wasn't an actual Atari from back in the day. This one had 101 games loaded into the console. My bro said, you should totally buy that for Benny. He'll love it!

Would he love it? I wasn't sure, but I took a shot.
Look at it. It's EXACTLY as I remember it. The amount of hours we spent as kiddos is INSANE.
FROGGER Ya'll! Guess what?
He LOVED it! I'm not kidding, it was the hit of Christmas. (Those gorilla slippers were pretty darn good too!) Kitty just loved the box the Nerf blaster came in.
Hope your holiday was as wonderful!

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