Pizza Night With Jet's!

You gotta know, being in Chicago means pizza is serious business! We enjoy pizza night at LEAST once a week in our house.
Yesterday, it felt like everything was coming down on me all at once. I had a client call from California, a friend dropped off their Golden Retriever Emma for us to babysit, THE LAST night of homework for the school year...Let's just say cooking dinner was not in the cards.
THANK YOU Jet's Pizza for coming to the rescue! The kids and I devoured two 8 corner pizzas in nothing flat, and there were smiles all around!
If you haven't tried Jet's yet, they are opening their 20th store in Chicago. To celebrate, on June 20, they'll be offering 20-cent slices and $2 small pizzas at all locations. (We'll be taking advantage of that FOR SURE!)
 To keep up with Jet's, you can find them on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram. Now, if you'll excuse me...I'm going to have some leftovers for lunch?!

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