I'll Have a Pastrami and a Raspberry Lemonade Shake

I took the kiddos out to lunch to celebrate the end of the school year...FINALLY! I think Chicago has the longest school year ever. They were ready to dive into summer for sure! Now where to go...
Yes...this is a job for Potbelly's! They have a new pastrami sandwich that I have been excited to try. You see, back in the day...when I was a trader...I used to get pastrami sandwiches at the deli across the street. Cut to many, MANY years later, and I haven't had one in ages. Holy this fit the bill Batman!
We each enjoyed a Frozen Raspberry Lemonade Shake too. Um...THE perfect summer drink. We're a bit spoiled since the original Potbelly's is literally up the road from our town home.
My team has ABSOLUTELY no game plan for the summer...but I feel many trips for lunch in store.
If you're looking for something yummy, you can find Potbelly's on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Cheers to summer!

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