My Grace & Frankie Set Visit #StreamTeam

By now, you HAVE to know Season 2 of Grace & Frankie dropped on Friday. I wanted to binge the entire new season before I told you about my Netflix set visit. YES...I got to meet and talk to screen legends Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin!
This was my first visit to a set, and it is easily a highlight of my blogging career.
I'm listening to my tape (on my phone) from the interview while I'm writing this.
The first moment they got, Lily and Jane came pouring out of the gorgeous beach house shouting, "The bloggers are here!" Lily came out first...and Jane came running out behind her saying, "Don't let them meet her first, or they won't like me!"

The chemistry and friendship between these two is apparent both on and off screen. It was so delightful to watch season 2 after seeing them together. Their friendship is so real.
I was so floored that the beach house is completely constructed on a Paramount sound stage. I fell in love with that beach house from the first scene. It is every bit as marvelous as it is in the show. There's even a beach!
Jane and Lily were able to sit and talk with us for about 30 min. We chuckled about favorite lines from season 1. "If anyone is going to sit on Ryan Gosling's face, it's gonna be me!" Followed by some discussion about where the Ryan Gosling chair ended up. Jane joked that they could put it in their new office ;)

Jane accused Lily of being a hermit as a follow up to Jane being on the James Corbin show. I love him SO much, and so does Jane.

Both Jane and Lily were very affected by Jane's season 1 line, "It would be easier if you were dead." Jane said that one really resonated with people.

It was amazing to hear all the projects they have in the works. These are two unstoppable forces of nature. At the time, Lily was promoting Grandma, and Jane was getting ready to film with Robert Redford.

Jane jokingly chalked up how amazing she looks to "Good genes and a lot of money." She also said her body doesn't feel younger, but her mind feels much younger. Lily chimed in that she's never grown up. Jane said Lily was strong and unbelievable and going 150 mph.

When they talked about going to Sundance together and Lily said they were written up in the newspaper as Thelma and Louise...THAT is the next show I want to see! Lily declaring that the high point of her life.

They joke, and they laugh, and they are living life. While Lily said working together again, felt like yesterday, Jane said it felt like a lifetime ago. Lily said she could see them getting out of the old make up trailer from 9 to 5. They both chuckled over Dolly getting made up in her state room. (Oh to see Dolly on Grace & Frankie...Please make that happen for Season 3!)

Jane said when she was coming up someone who wanted to be a star would NEVER be on television. While Lily joked she was on television. BUT, now it's so hard to get movies made so a lot of the talent and good writing is going to TV. She said she never imagined at this age she'd be doing a television series let alone a series with Lily.

I can't thank Netflix enough for giving me the opportunity to meet these wonderfully inspiring women. Do yourselves a favor and watch season 2. It. Is. SO. Good!

I want to leave you with Jane's words, "Everybody told me I was over the hill...but what I've found is that there's another hill...and a mountain after that, and then there's a valley..."

I always get sad when I've binged the full season of a show because now I have to wait for the next season. That said, there is SO much good on Netflix now, I'll share with you what we're watching on Netflix...

The whole family watched Hotel Transylvania 2 and Minions. I've been given screeners access to Season 2 Bloodline (I'll tweet out and FB once I've dug in!) AND, I'm really looking forward to Season 1 of Chelsea coming out May 11!

What about you...what are you binging?


  1. OMG what an amazing experience! Netflix is da bomb diggity!!!

  2. Grace and Frankie is a really good program, with an excellent group of actors and actresses, but my favorite actress will always be Lily Tomlin. I remember back when she was in the Rowan and Martin Laugh-IN, and my favorite skits were Lily as Ernestine and also whenever she said: "And that's the truth." To watch her and Jane Fonda is fun and I am so happy to see them working together again.

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