I have fallen in LOVE with Periscope!

No one is more surprised than me. I downloaded Periscope to my phone maybe three weeks ago. Didn't look at it again until last week. It's SUPER fun! I really like it.
It's kind of like if a podcast and YouTube had a baby. Actually, it's live streaming. I just started, but I'm having a ball with it. You can see a couple of my scopes here, and here. I'm am just now getting the hang of it.

Yes, this weekend I actually ordered a tripod and holder so I can set my phone anywhere and scope. I guess you could say I'm jumping in with both feet! I am @napwarden on Periscope. Yes, I did look into changing my social handles to my name, at this point, that is just not possible. I really want my handle the same everywhere, and my name and every variation is taken. SO...I'm digging in, and embracing @napwarden. That's just the way it's gotta be folks.

SO...who's scoping? Drop your handle in the comments so I can find you.

*Lastly, there is a really cool looking Periscope Summit going on in NY in September. I SO want to go, but I don't think I could find a roomie last minute. I'll sure keep you posted if I do go. How fun would that be?!

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  1. I was surprised when I was watching GMA (Good Morning America) on tv this weekend. They use Periscope for live brief discussions with hosts during the program.


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