Dragons Race to the Edge #StreamTeam

Summer is in full swing in Chicago, and it's getting HOT. After camps all morning, everyone is ready to get in some AC and chill a bit. We are LOVING Netflix's new series Dragons: Race to the Edge!

It's all the fun and fantasy from the original two movies packed into all new adventures. All of your favorite dragons and characters are back, with some really fun new ones.

What I love about this show is that it encourages my kids to dream. There's nothing I would rather see than my kids playing out their own adventures when the TV is turned off. It's a magical thing. Although I must warn the Dragons...in our house, somehow...the Legos won!

I'm curious to hear, what are you and your family streaming this summer?


  1. Got to get online and check out the Dragon series...did not know it was out. Looks like a lot of fun.

  2. Let the kids sit and watch Dragons, I just found out that Sword of Vengeance is now on Netflix. Know what I am doing this weekend while the kids watch their videos.

  3. we watch this every day! my kids love the series...and both movies as well. netflix = mom's life saver.


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