My little bun head

I am NOT that mom who knows how to do hair. Which is kind of a bummer because my daughter and I have so much of it.

Cut to this weekend. We were in line to pick up a couple of things and these odd little bun makers were on sale. Maggie and I were discussing whether or not she'd let me do her hair, when the woman behind us chimed in. She told us how great they were, and showed us how to use it. SO...we picked one up.

How CUTE is this?!
I could not get over how easy they are to use.
I have so much hair, I'm not sure if I'll try one myself, but it sure looks good on my little Peach. She's worn it every day since we got it.

She's becoming such a big girl now...I still see a hint of little girl face though ;)

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  1. I love the two tones that you have going on there!! So pretty!!! I want extensions to add volume to my sad, thin, lifeless hair!


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