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Never have I been more excited to see a movie while surfing for something to watch on Netflix! I totally meant to see the movie Chef with Jon Favereau, and it just got past me in the theater. All I really knew about it was that it was about a prominent LA chef who ends up operating a food truck. But...it is oh so much more!

Jon F. plays Carl Casper, a too hard working chef who wants to push his menu to new culinary highs, but Dustin Hoffman, his small minded boss expects him to "Be an artist on his own time!" When Casper is forced to serve a boring, uninspired meal to big time food blogger played by Oliver Platt, the meltdown ensues.

Casper ends up in an epic Twitter war without even realizing it. What Casper thought was a private DM was actually a very public tweet that was just the shot across the bow needed to fan the flames of social media-geddon. Casper's adorable son Percy navigates the Twitter waters for his dad and finds a successful gig as a social media manager for the El Jeffe food truck band of misfits. If you're a blogger, this movie is a MUST see.

Antics aside, the food in Chef takes a front seat. I hate to admit, I had never even heard of a Cubano sandwich until this. You bet I headed over the Pinterest and found this gem of a recipe. Needless to say, I did not make my own Mojo Pulled Pork, but my trusty Chicago butcher had his version that made my Cubano a treat my kiddos and I gobbled up!
While this post is in conjunction with Netflix StreamTeam, all opinions are 100% my own, and the movie Chef is 100% a MUST see!

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