I thought March would be all about binging on House of Cards (which I totally did)...then a little gem called Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt came along. *sigh* LOVE.
This is the best. show. ever. I really hadn't intended to watch it. It's hard to invest in a new show. That said, my best friend was in town, and Ellie Kemper was being interviewed on the Today Show about it. I looked at Steve and said, "Let's just watch it, instead of watching her talk about it."

Ummm...we fell in love in the first 10 min. It's quirky, odd, funny...everything I love. Oh...did I mention it stars Jan Krakowski? I miss her from 30 Rock...I'd say she's one of the most under rated talents out there.
Before I knew it, we had binged our way through 3 episodes. Like cotton candy I tell you! Kimmy is a girl who is abducted and lives in a cult for 15 years. She's rescued in the first 5 minutes of the show, and the rest is her re-inventing herself in New York City.
She rooms with a wanna be Broadway star who calls himself Titus Andromedon. Oh. My. Hilarious! Now go and watch him sing Pinot Noir. Yes, you will be singing this all day...and you're welcome.

If you're like me, you'll love the trip down memory lane that Kimmy's phrases give you. Everything from her purple Jansport backpack, to her Tamogatchi dieing, to her Sony Sport Walkman. Oh 90's...you seem so simple now...

My only sadness is that, alas...I have watched them all...and I miss my Kimmy Schmidt. I need more Titus, more music, more nonsense. Please someone tell me when season 2 is coming!

Who else has binged it?

*I am affiliated with Netflix StreamTeam, but not required to write about Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. Falling in love with this show was done all on my own!

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