Maleficent...LOVED it!

Yes...the horns look better on Angelina...but not by much.

I took both the kiddos to see Maleficent on Saturday. I did NOT expect to LOVE this movie as much as I did! Not only did I love it, Maggie TOTALLY loved it. She wants to be Maleficent for Halloween. Yes, I can make that happen;)

I loved that  they showed you why Maleficent was so angry. (She had good reason.)

I really did not expect to actually root for her. She was crossed, she got mad and she lashed out. All perfectly understandable actions given what happened. She also realized she made a mistake, and worked to fix it.

It's nice to see her go through something and come out on the other side. Bottom line, it's about redemption.

I've seen a lot of negative reviews...mostly saying "Meh". I don't understand "Meh" on this movie. It's anything but. The computer graphics, the costumes, the sets...Ah-May-Zing.

My kiddos are 7 and 8. Not too scary and both boy and girl loved it. Have you seen Maleficent?


  1. I really liked it too! My 7 year old daughter loved it!

  2. I LOVED it, I think it offends men hence so many bad reviews, they don't like women stepping out of either virginal princess or evil witch role, it confuses them ;-)


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