Mariano's Park Ridge is a Real Treat!

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This weather has really gotten to me. It's hard (at least for me) to keep up with the grocery shopping in all this cold, slushy, ice and snow.

We did however get a break in the weather on Tuesday. I think that glowing orb in the sky is what folks out west call the sun. I hopped in the car and headed north a bit to check out the opening of Mariano's Park Ridge!
Mariano's Park Ridge
Since this is a store that was formerly Dominick's, I wondered if it would have all the goodies I've come to expect with Mariano's. I simply had to look no further than the front door to know it did!
Vero Cafe
I am not a coffee drinker, but I will tell you, the hot chocolate at Vero is a creamy dreamy treat! I also can NOT leave the store without a mini gelato. What in this world can you buy for a dollar?! I'll tell you...a mini gelato! (My favorite is's like nibbling on summer.)
Mariano's Bakery
Now, I know this will come as a shock to you...but I had never noticed the donuts. They're right next to the bakery...which is a good thing...and a bad thing. How am I supposed to choose between a donut, and a Bella cupcake?! (I know the answer is get both...and I did!)
Mariano's Cheese
 In my opinion, you can never have enough cheese...and I think Mariano's is on the same page. All I can say is so much cheese, so little time. Yes, I had more than one sample. SO good!
chicago mix popcorn
Wait...what?! Are they making Chicago mix popcorn? I just totally lost my train of thought. Best. Stuff. Ever! Nom, nom, nom...
Mariano's Floral
My first introduction to Mariano's was at last year's Chicago Flower & Garden Show. Their flowers blew me away! Mariano's Park Ridge's flower department did not disappoint. It is such a lovely break from this never ending winter we are having!
Mariano's Pizza
It always seems I find myself at Mariano's at lunch. I think, "Oh...I'll pick up lunch while I'm there!" which is darn near impossible! How do you choose between Mariano's pizza, sushi, my favorite Parisian sandwich (ham and brie on a pretzel bun), soup, salad... The choices are literally endless! I almost had pizza...but then I remembered we'll be doing pizza on Thursday. (If you have not treated yourself to Thursday night pizza really must! You get a full pan pizza, and 2 liter Pepsi product$10!) Long story short...I had my Parisian sandwich. LOVE!
Park Ridge Wine Bar
Straight up...I thought only the city cats were treated to an in store wine bar. Not so! Mariano's Park Ridge has a wine bar! Funny story, the woman toasting in the corner...told me she works at Mariano's Harwood Heights! She took the day off to come over the Park Ridge and celebrate opening day!
Mariano's Park Ridge Offerings
Mariano's Park Ridge is HUGE. I feel like I've only given you a tiny taste of all they have in store for you! If you find yourself in the neighborhood, it really is worth stopping in...
Bob Mariano
...and if you're may even get to meet the man himself! I was more than excited to see Bob Mariano in the store greeting customers, making sure opening day went smoothly, and posing for pictures too!

Mariano's has a lot cooking for Chicago in the coming months. There are so many store openings, it's hard to keep up! I am especially looking forward the the new Mariano's on Webster, we are talking full fan girl mode on that one! To find out all that Mariano's has going on, be sure to follow them on Facebook, Twitter, and check out their website!


  1. I would end up spending the entire day there .. it looks like one of those places that would make shopping and eating much more pleasant :)
    I would like some of that popcorn and some flowers and pizza please :)

    1. It honestly approaches grocery shopping as a treat instead of a chore. I love stopping in!

  2. It looks like another outstanding Mariano's! I love the bright, clean look of this store. What a fabulous way to grocery shop! #client

  3. I live near a former Dominick's store, currently being changed over to a Mariano's. Apparently, according to this article, this is going to be a good thing. Is there any way to find out the status of a store and its anticipated opening? I have tried all the local grocery stores near me and NONE comes close to what the Dominick's used to be.


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