Really, USA Speedskaters...Really?!

I am just a teeny tiny recreational Marathon runner. I'm not going to win any Olympic medals. I'm not going to break any records...

But...I know one thing. Never, NEVER try something NEW on RACE DAY. I know it, the guy who heads up my running group knows it. So WHY doesn't the USA Olympic speed skating team know it?!

How can it be that they are blaming their new Under Armour speed suits for their less than stellar performance in the Sochi Olympics so far?

I watched Dan Jansen talking about it last night, and he confirmed that this is the first time they have competed in the suits. The FIRST time! This sounds CRAZY to me! If you trained FOUR YEARS for this one moment in time, WHY would you wear a suit you have never competed in?! I have got to be missing a piece of this story.


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