The Elephant and the Whale

You could not have picked a more appropriate play for my little Peach to see.

I mean...remember the first live elephant she ever saw? She's a bit on the crazy side when it comes to elephants.

Cue Saturday, we were invited to see The Elephant and the Whale at the Chicago Children's Theatre.
I really had no idea what we were in for...and I was blown away. Miss Peach was beside herself from the moment Ella the Elephant came into the scene. Vintage cartoons, wooden puppets, actors and silhouetted projections were all used to tell the tale of Ella, and her unbelievable friendship with the unfortunate whale who found herself at the circus.
Being Mommy, I was worried that Miss Peach would get upset if anything happened to our hero Ella the Elephant. Happily, Ella was a brave loyal elephant, determined to get her whale friend back to the sea.

We jeered, cheered, got sprayed with water and had a grand old time!
If you are in the city, or coming to the city with kiddos, I highly recommend seeing the show.

Check out the Chicago Children's Theatre for ticket info. The show runs through May 26.

*While I was given tickets to the show, all the views are mine, and there was no compensation for this post.

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