I love you elephants!

If you haven't guessed...we were in Disney World for the last six days.

Lots of fun...but EXHAUSTING:O

One of the many things Miss Peach was looking forward to was seeing actual LIVE elephants.

Yes...we live in Chicago. Yes, there is a zoo 2 blocks away. Unfortunately, that zoo does not have any elephants:(

Miss Peach has been obsessed with elephants since the day. she. was. born. (True story...ask Sissy.)

When the Kilimanjaro Safari Ride said "see live elephants" we were in! Instead of pointing my camera out at the elephants...I pointed mine in. I wanted to see her first reaction at seeing a real live elephant...
OMG ya'll...she cried! She loves them so much...she cried!

Then she said she wanted to marry an elephant and live in the Magic Kingdom...so there's that:/
*The hair is a whole nother post...


  1. You could have said that was her reaction to seeing Justin Bieber and I would have believed you.

  2. Umm love the hair....did you get "the special hair treatment" too...cause that would be rad!

  3. Oh my GOSH I just love her!

    You DO realize that Brookfield Zoo has live elephants, right? And that they do zookeeper talks where they feed the elephants and answer questions every day? Granted it IS quite far away from your house (like 30 minutes!) but it's a little closer than Disney.

    Just sayin.

  4. This is hilarious. And sweet. And awesome.


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