A New Mariano's!

I was SUPER excited to tour the new Mariano's in Harwood Heights! I had never been to a Mariano's, but I had heard incredible things...and boy this store delivered!
Right off the bat, you walk in and are hit with a rainbow of fresh, organic produce. Any fruit or veggie, any way you can imagine it, they have it. Fresh fruit, got it, sliced fruit, got it...they even have a juicer...and the fresh juice can't be beat:P
As we toured, the gelato bar was next up. Gelato is a soft ice cream containing little or no air. Our guide told us how Mariano's makes it's gelato, as we gazed at the offerings. Yes, we got a taste test, and I know it has to do with the amount of butter and the amount of air, but let me tell you it is SO good. I tried the coconut, the berry and the lemon. No winner here, they were all. so. good! Seriously though, how can you go wrong with a gelato bar taste test?
If I had to pick a favorite, (and I'd hate to have to do that) I was blown away by the bakery. The cupcakes, the cake pops, the cakes...oh my! The lovely woman at the bakery told us how they are allowed to be creative with their cakes and make whatever they can dream up. How fun! I thought to myself, "these cakes must cost a fortune"...but they don't. Most of the cakes in the display were $10-$14. She also said that they make any cake request you can dream up. (I see a custom Lego cake from Mariano's in a little boy's future.)
I have been in many grocery stores, and I have never seen a grilling station. Mariano's Harwood Heights has a grill, right between the fresh seafood, and the meat department. Brilliant! They will grill up whatever you buy, to your specifications...wait. for. it...FREE!
We even got to meet Mr. Mariano. He told us that Mariano's is all about bringing families back to the table. The dinner table is where the family meets to catch up and discuss the day. These days families are so busy, Mariano's wants to give them options for getting a great meal on the table, every day. I'd say they succeeded:)
After a tour of such a wonderful store, how can you not end with lunch...right? What to choose, what to choose? The soup bar sounds comfy and good. I love me some salad bar, and Mariano's salad bar went on for days. Todd's BBQ was cooking up some of the yummiest smells...SO tempting....
But...You know me...

If sushi's on the menu...I gots to go with my sushi! Mariano's has a full sushi bar. I had the Godzilla roll. While I'm typing this...I'd like another please:)

Don't forget to check out the Mariano's reward card. Sign up is free, and with it you get all kinds of savings, recipes and even cooking videos.

If you get the chance, I highly recommend checking out the Mariano's Harwood Heights. It is WAY more than just a grocery store. Be sure to check them out on Twitter, Facebook, and check out the Mariano's Community as well! For more pictures of the new store view my Google+ post.

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  1. I love that they grill meat or seafood one the spot. Who else does THAT!?

  2. YUM! I wish I had a Marianos here in Texas! That store looks Grrrrreat! P.S. Congrats on the London thing-a-ma-jig. You're tops!


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