Cybher Calling...

I had been feeling a bit off for a few weeks now...

Nothing terribly drastic...just little things...

I first noticed when I was loading the kiddos into the car, as I've done for 7 years now. There's no just getting in the car, I have to get the kiddos situated and strapped in before I can get in the drivers seat. This day was no different...until I got in the car.

I actually belted myself up, had my keys in hand...before I noticed. I was on the wrong side of the car. That wouldn't be such a big deal...had I not heard the sound. Did anyone else hear it, or was it just me? Oh-oh-oh-oh-ah-ah! I turned my was like a high pitched monkey sound...but the kiddos didn't hear it.

Then there was the time I was sitting on the couch, checking facebook on my phone. Normal as any other day. The Bro posted a picture of the elevated train stop. He's been working down there for a while now. (I don't know what app he's using, but he's taking some great panoramic pics...)

Before I even knew what was happening...I had typed "Mind the Gap!"

"Mind the Gap"?!? Where did that come from...and then there's that sound again!

Oh-oh-oh-ah-ah-ah...Am I the only one hearing this???

Every afternoon I pick up my daughter at school. Every afternoon, it's the same scenario..."Do you have to go potty?" I say. "Nope Mommy" she says. Then we get a few blocks from home and "Mommy...I have to go potty!"

This day, I picked her up...and said "Do you need to use the loo?"

"What's a loo Mommy?"

...and then that sound again! Oh-oh-oh-ah-ah-ah...Was that a guitar? I looked around...

I think the hat incident is what pushed me over the edge.

Did I actually BUY a cocktail hat?!?

Does anyone in Chicago WEAR a cocktail hat??? I mean...I can see if my name was Beatrice...and I was invited to William and Kate's wedding...but come on. Chicago...I've never seen ANYONE wearing a kooky hat like that.

Cue the darn Oh-oh-oh-ah-ah-ah...I'm defiantly the only one hearing this!

Holy Madonna Penn Ritchie Ciccone Batman!

I know what this is!

It happened to Gwyneth...and now it's happening to me!

I've got Brit Fever!!!

HOW can this happen?!?

I must go to the Cybher Conference and get my Brit on...

Help me Collective're my only hope!

Oh-oh-oh-ah-ah-ah...Cybher Calling...I never felt so much a like a like a like a...


  1. Hey, I'm Sian, I run Cybher!
    I hope you get to make the trio!

  2. I hope you can go... that would be awesome. Otherwise, you could always go to TypeA this year - they're having a British themed party on Saturday night. :) {And I'll be there.}

  3. I just heard the news, congratulations!!!!


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