Down on the farm...

Went downstate to visit the ponies (and a another sad prognosis for the tooth:( ...but we're not talking about that now)

Is there anything better than petting mini ponies?


Didn't think so;P
They really are the sweetest...silliest little animals. If I could have on on the patio, I would...really...I would.

Problem is...they're like potato can't have just one. (I'm telling you, my Mom says you need two so they can keep each other company.) Two just isn't gonna work on the patio, it's just not big enough:/

The other problem with the patio...there's no grass on it. Which makes this...
...a problem as well. Little Man had a BLAST on this bad boy!!!

Then, my city kids climbed up to the hay loft to see her...
What, doesn't everyone have a peacock sitting on eggs in their hayloft??? Sheesh!

Getting the kiddos up was no problem...getting 'em down...'nother story.

Little Man was extra cautious and climbed down the ladder, rung by rung...s-l-o-w-l-y.

Miss Peach had different ideas. She was all..."I can do this no problem."

Luckily, Mommy was holding on to her wrist on the way when she fell...I had a hold of her.

I stayed calm as she dangled from my arm in the hayloft. Very calmly yelled out..."little help here"

To which Daddy came along, grabbed her legs and caught her on the way down...thank goodness, 'cause they're getting so big, that I can't lift them back up:O


  1. One of our girls is going ot pony camp this summer. There is nothing better than ponies.

  2. Ahhhh! I miss you! Seeing eye ponies. Such great memories. :)

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