I feel old:/

I was flossing my teeth last week...and my dang crown fell out:(

I don't know what it is with dentists in this town. Nobody does the actual thing you need done.

The first guy I went to was all..."You need an implant, I will put a post in your jaw, and then attach a new crown to it." to the tune of $1600. Here's the kicker..."I won't do it until you go see a root canal specialist, because I suspect your root canal didn't take and you'll need another one..." to the tune of another $1600!

To which I said to him..."Why the heck would I need another root canal?!?" I wasn't attacking him...I just couldn't understand why if I can't see it, and I can't feel it...I need it."

SO...I went on to say "I have given birth to two children...and that root canal was way worse. Root canals are way worse than childbirth and I'd like to avoid it if I can."

Which will stop any man in his tracks...I find that most men who don't know you...are left with their jaw on the floor if you talk child birth at them...

Whatever...I still have a big hole in my mouth...seeing another dentist on Thursday. Fingers crossed for a better prognosis...


  1. OUCH!!!!! I wish I could send you to my dentist here. I <3 him very much. Even if I would move, I'd do anything in my power to go back to his office. (However, I totally understand your pain with the $$. Double OUCH!!!)

  2. I had a root canal and it started bugging me. I talked to my dentist and then did my own research and told the dentist I was having it pulled. Now I have a missing tooth and I feel so much better! But I am planning on getting a replacement removable tooth I want to be able to really get it cleaned at night. But I think the whole thing when said and done will cost me something like $500 (tooth pulled and removable tooth).


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