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The fam. went to The Art Institute for a bit today. Nothing special, just to the museum shop to get some cute Holiday cards.

Since we're members, we decided to check out some paintings as well.

Our little ones are definitely short time wherever we go, and I could feel the melt down coming. That said, I still wanted to check out a few of my favorite pieces. (I am partial to A Sunday on La Grande Jatte)

Just above the stairs on the way out is Miss Peach's painting dujour. I kind of scooted around a group touring the museum with a guide, to take this picture. The guide said, "Are you on the art scavenger hunt?"

To which Miss Peach and I said, "?"

I had to take this opportunity to show the folks how brilliant my daughter was, and I said, "Miss Peach, who painted that picture?"

Without missing a beat, she said, "Georgia O'Keeffe, she is my favorite artist:)"

To which the tour guide and all the folks oohed and aahed at what a little smarty pants she was:O

...and scene.

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  1. aw little smarty pants, so sweet! Stella these days prefers to focus on memorizing the titles of every single song running on the radio. Not quite as impressive ;-)


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