Pilgrams and booboos

My little Pixie Peach has had a tough week:(
First, look at that wicked boo boo on her chin:...( Little accident on the slide left her with that. She's been such a brave little soldier. She says, "It's OK Mommy, it only hurts when anything touches it." *insert big sad face*

Second, she has her Christmas pageant coming up. Remember that dancing little crazy thang singing "Flubaduba"? Yeah, she's petrified of getting up with her class and singing Christmas carols. Every time I ask her about it...she literally bursts into tears:( Not sure what to do about that:/

Third, they have been learning about the Pilgrims. I am FLOORED with how much she knows, and how much she retains. "Mommy, did you know Marylin Monroe had ancestors on the Mayflower?"

Ummm...no I did not know that, and how do you know who Marylin Monroe is, and what ancestors are...you are six. Such a little smarty pants. (She's totally right about that btw, I Googled it.)


  1. Poor thing. My thoughts on the singing...does she have a friend in her class that her teacher would let her stand by to give her some encouragement? I know that from my sons experience with this that once he was up there and had it done...he said it was FUN and wanted to do it again. Good luck!

  2. Oh my! :( Hope the bruise fades quickly!!

    Well, of course she knows who Marilyn is... we took her to see the statue this summer! :) But the fact that she's such a smarty pants, well, I can't help you with that. Such a smart one she is. :)

  3. Oh my. Poor girl has a lot going on. Good thing she has such a great mom to help her through it.


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