The hook up

If you follow me on Twitter, you're well aware that I spent last weekend without cable or Internet:O I is UNFATHOMABLE!

We had been with the same cable company for basically, ever. Lately I had noticed the bill was crazy high, and nothing was really working anymore. The kind of thing where there was only one remote that worked, only it didn't work with the TV, only the if I wanted to turn the TV on or off, or turn the sound up, I'd have to, brace yourself, get up and walk over and do it manually:O

That was really the last straw, paying ABC cable (not really their name) way too much money for service that wasn't working...wasn't speaking to me:/ SO, I called Contastic cable (not really their name) and said, "I'm sick of ABC cable, what can you do for me?"

After promising the moon and the sun, and a lot of sweet talking, I bit. Contastic came out on a Monday, and switched us over. I was so happy, for like, less than 24 hours. Tuesday, I had no Internet, totally dead:( They sent a technician out on Wednesday, he fiddled around with wires and promised us we'd be happy as clams. Thursday, the HD cable was all kinds of wonky. It was like the box was possessed, turning on and off and freezing, or just showing a big black square on the screen. Not. Happy:( By Friday, it was all dead. No cable. No Internet. Insert big sad face here:(

While all this was going on, ABC cable had been calling and BEGGING us to come back. I played hardball with them. I was all, your gonna have to cut my bill in half, and give me all new equipment, watch my children, and make the occasional breakfast in bed for us to come back to you. Which was impressive since really, I wanted to run screaming back to ABC cable and pay them twice as much just to take us back! After much back and forth, ABC cable and I struck a killer deal. The only downside was...they couldn't come and install it until Monday. Insert another big sad face:( I would have to spend the whole weekend, living like the cavemen without cable or Internet:/

Saturday, I headed over to the health club to get some work done on their Internet. When I came home, there was a Contastic cable truck parked...wait for MY deeded parking space! I. Was. Livid! I had just spent two hours at the health club because they couldn't seem to deliver Internet to me, AND they parked in my spot to hook Internet up for the neighbors behind us. So. Mad!

Sunday, there was a knock on my Internetless door...My next door neighbor was all "You guys doing something with your Internet?" I gave him the story I am telling you, and he said "When your Concastic guy hooked you up on Wednesday, he didn't actually hook you up, he just took the cable from our box, and hooked it into your box. We had an ABC guy come out on Friday, and hook it back in." That was when we lost our cable for the second time. Can you believe it:O

Monday morning I was SO jacked up to have my precious cable and Internet back. We got a bill from Contastic, even though I had cancelled service on Friday, they sent us a bill for one week of no service for $50  more than they said it would cost. That is a bill that will NEVER be paid. Finally, the ABC guy came with the newest equipment under the sun and hooked us up...and then Internet rained down on our house, and all was right with the world:)

Until Friday when I got a bill from ABC cable for...wait. for. it...$1,067.87! Ummmm....that's about $967.00 more than I was quoted. I couldn't help but laugh at this point. I called my now ABC connection and he was all "SO sorry, we'll get that taken care of." I'm supposed to check back this week and see if that charge has been taken off. The way this story has gone...I'm keeping my fingers crossed...


  1. Cable is evil ... i wrote a post about Comcast and an exorcism ... no kidding really.
    If you have a moment, check it out ... even Comcast themselves responded lol.
    Wishing you uninterrupted service forevah!

    Good luck!!!!

  2. That happened to me recently, and it was hard to believe we had to blow the dust off Monopoly and actually play a board game together !! Ohhhhh the painnn !!! I may have to break out my old battery powered hand held games next time ;)

  3. Wow! I think cable has got to be like crack. Once you've had it you can't lie without it. Not that I've ever had crack, but I imagine its like that. Seriously!

  4. Oops, was getting yelled at by husband to get off the Internet so we could dine together as a family. He simply does not have his priorities straight. I meant to say "live" without it.

  5. Un. Be. Liev. A. Ble.


    Good on you for striking the deal of a century. It's hard to believe they expect a pirate's ransom for so little service, ain't it?

  6. When these things happen - I turn them over to LM (Love Muffin). If you think she terrorizes ME, you should she what she can do to strangers.

  7. Oh the horror!! We have a generic internet company with horrible wireless so we're constantly fighting over who gets the spot closest to the modem!

  8. I just brokered a new deal with my cable company after a week of no service on one of my televisions... along with all new cables and stuff. It was a glorious Saturday.

    Let's see how long this lasts. Still waiting on my bill.

  9. OMG - sorry for laughing on this one - my husband SHOUTS at me every single month when the bill comes I'm never switching though! Maybe I should broker a better deal though!!!


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