Big Blue Sculpture

I wanted to call this post..."You know you have too much money when..." or "It came from outer space"

But it's just such a BIG blue sculpture:
It is a work by sculptor John Henry, and came from a museum in Orlando Fla.
This is the front yard of a private residence going up about 5 blocks away from my house.

I. Love. It!

The whole neighborhood is up in arms...everything from:

"It's too large, and hangs over the sidewalk." to "It's overpowering, and needs to be somewhere with more space." to "I'm shocked how out of place it looks, it's so random."
I could be wrong...and I'm totally just guessing on this, but I think the owner is putting it in our face, and forcing conversations about art.

Yes it's big, yes it's blue...but out of place? It's across the street from a hot dog joint, and a parking lot. I'll take the big blue sculpture any day of the week. It's fun, it's different. If you've got the money park that thing in everyone's face and start a conversation;)


  1. I saw that sculpture, it's great. I think it's a nod to Gumby & Goo.

  2. The things people will complain about!

  3. Such a sleuth! How did you find out who the sculptor was and from where? I'm very impressed.

  4. It's like the Crucifixion meets Don Quixote.

  5. Was trying to figure out why it looked familiar...oh yeah, that's why!

  6. Did you see? New crazy art sculptures on the balcony of this place. I wonder how long this one will last in our windy city...


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