Like mother, like daughter...

My friend Sissy visited us yesterday. The kiddos LOVE Sissy!

We were catching up...and Miss Peach was all over the conversation...

Me: "How's things going with you?"

Sissy: "Not so good on the bro front:/"

Me: "Really, what's up?"

Sissy: "He's moving to Kansas to join a monastery."

Before I could even process what she had said...

Miss Peach chimed in: "Say hi to Dorothy for me!"

Conversation. Stopped. (blink, blink)

Sissy looked at me: "She's definitely your child;P"

Me: "I'm so proud:)"


  1. What's really funny is that Wizard of Oz was on TBS last night. :) And there's a monastery in Kansas? Hmmmm... things I didn't know.

  2. I remember listening in on my mom's chats with her friends, something I'll never forget, feeling so grown up!


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