Tricks or Treats!

I love my neighborhood on Halloween. The decorations...fall...LOVE:)
Many folks have asked me "Where has Miss Peach gone on your blog?"

Well...she has had a MAJOR Halloween costume identity crisis. Literally, at the last minute, I pulled ballerina out of the closet...and that was what she went as. Thank Goodness:)
Truthfully, I never think about how many stairs folks have in my 'hood...until my kiddos are climbing them for free candy.
...and climbing...
...and climbing...and no, I don't think either one of them looked UP at the HUGE spider above them:O
Yes, I had to pull the candy out of this bowl...YUCK.
I have no idea what Little Man is thinking here...
The amount of candy my kiddos got, is INSANE!
Creepiest house on the block, right here.

Hope you had a HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!


  1. Oh they look adorable! Those houses are awesome! That's so cool you brought your camera.

    Oh wait, you guys trick or treat in the daylight? No one here goes out until dusk and later. Huh, must be a region by region thing.

  2. You and your camera are getting along so well together. I am so proud of you. And your kids are adorable. The neighborhood appears a bit creepy - but your kids are great.

  3. Great pictures, looks like they had a blast!

  4. How fun. I too love Halloween.
    By the way - that first photo of Miss Peach, she looks just like you. There is no denying that smile!

  5. your neighborhood is beautiful! the kids are great too. :)

  6. How fun! The girls are in second grade, which means they are too old for princesses, but still want to wear the big dress. This year nine of the 16 girls in their Brownies troop were vampires. Four were witches. The same trend continued in their class. They get to wear the big dress without being a princess. I wonder what next year will bring?


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