Is it weird that I photograph other people's dogs for my blog?

I think not.
Meet Chester.

Sweetest. Dog. Ever! Did I mention he's over 200 pounds?!?

We met Chester in the park today. Actually, I saw him all the way across the park. I have this talent for spotting Newfies from miles away. We immediately made a beeline over to pet him.

As I was marveling at his fluffiness, I noticed a scar on the top of his nose and asked his owner what had happened. She told me that Chester was 5 years old, and she had owned him for 3 years.

Chester had been rescued from a house of hoarders. Poor thing was only 90 pounds when she got him, had infections in his paws, and had a terrible gash on his nose:(

She nursed this marvelous creature back to health and the only way you would notice anything was by the scar on his nose.

I asked her how it affected his personality, and she said he was the sweetest, most laid back dog she had ever met...but that he had a large stubborn streak, and she was having a tough time keeping him out of the Lincoln Park Conservatory Fountain...Oh, and that water you see going down his neck, was due to her failure to keep him out of the Lily Pond;)

I heart Chester=)


  1. What a story behind that cutie! He's come a really long way from when his owners got him. I love the fluff!

  2. 200 pound dogs have a tendency to do exactly as they please. It's a good thing he wants to be gentle.

  3. I also have a soft spot for Newfies and Chester. And my newfie has a terrible stubborn streak too. He does totally get away with it because he is so darn cute.


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