Tin Woman

I'm walking down Michigan Avenue the other day, and I see...

It's not unusual. I'm sure I've seen her before. There's also a Tin Man who does this a bit farther down the road.
This is how I know I think too much. What does she use to do this?

It can't be just paint...can it?

Do you just use Neutrogena to take it off? Holy bad for your complexion Batman! My face hurts just thinking about it.
I also have to wonder what the pay is? I mean, I know it's whatever the folks on the street want to tip...but I gotta think, in this economy, being a Tin Woman isn't bringing in the bucks the way it used to.

As I continue thinking about it WAY too much...I kinda want to go back downtown and put a couple extra bucks in the jar...'cause that's gotta take a ton of effort...ya know?


  1. That was the weirdest thing! So glad that I got to see it too... otherwise I might not have believed it!

  2. I've seen several of those performers, most of them on my trips to Miami. So cool!

  3. Last time I saw someone done up like that I was in San Francisco.

  4. That's actually pretty cool!


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