Graduation out takes

Miss Peach had her Kindergarten graduation today. I took the good camera, and got some ADORABLE shots. I don't know what the protocol is...but I don't feel comfortable putting pictures of other people's kiddos on my blog. I mean...kinda weird stumbling across your kiddo on some random

That being said...I cropped WAY in on some hilarious photos of the trials and tribulations of the graduation ceremony via Miss Peach. The quality isn't great when I blew them up...but I think it's worth a look:
First, can you hear the growl when that pesky girl one row up kept hitting my poor Peach with her folder:\
Is there such a thing as a kindergarten migraine? I think Miss Peach is having one right now...
"Seriously y'all...will this ceremony ever end?!?"

Hang in wasn't all Negative Nelly...
It was all worth it when she got to hug the little boy she's had a crush on all year...

*Le Sigh*


  1. She's adorable and I love the commentary.

  2. Hooray! That last photo is just too much cute for one photo; what a candid moment to catch.

    (And I'm with you on the no other kids being posted thing; I figure my own peeps are fair game, but no one else unless I have their ok.)

  3. awwww, so cute! I haven't been by in graduation already?!! Time flies!!!

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