With the kooky weather we've been having in Chicago, there is not much of a season for a convertible. I'd say I see a lot more of them than I would expect.

Miss Peach has been noticing them too. She calls them cars with no top.

"Mommy" she says "I want one of those cars with no tops."

To which I say: "What would we do when it rains?"

"That's an easy one...we can just use umbrellas:)"

I don't think she has figured out that these cars have tops that you can put up in bad weather;P

She then goes on to say: "When it snows, Little Man and I can play in the snow, in the car. We can even build a snowman and drive around with him:)"

I'm not going to tell her about putting the top up;)


  1. my husband and i once put 2200 miles on a convertible rental car - only putting the top up one day when it poured. the day it snowed? we turned up the heat. it was a vacation!

  2. I always feel a bit naked in a convertible - I like the protective cover of the top of the car. Besides. Truckers can't look down into a regular car like they can a convertible - and frankly, sometimes the other person in the car and I might not WANT people looking into the car - because, you know - she's such a showoff.

  3. Her version is more fun than putting the top up. :)

  4. No don't tell her. Her way would be fun. I can picture you driving with the snowman in the back seat.


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