#90 A dog, a garden stool, and an ikat print

Daily Chuck...

OK, not really...more like a cat, a hand chair, and an African pot;P


  1. That chair is so freakin' cool!

  2. Blue chair with cat and pot ..

    I love renaming your photos LOL
    Smokey looks so good in that blue !

  3. I had this visual in my head, suddenly, of the hand chair pitching The Cat like a fastball out the window - to the sound of a long, diminishing Meeeeeeeooooooooooowwwwwwwwww. Then the cat lands (with no problem - cats always land on their feet - and all that long fur would act like a parachute anyway), marches back up the stairs, rings the door bell (this is a fantasy, don't forget), you let him in, and he runs up to hte hand chair and breaks off a finger. then he curls up in the palm and goes to sleep.

    Thanks. That was fun.


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