Super Gr8

OK, you don't have to be here long to figure out that I was a complete LOST junkie. I miss it so much, that co creator JJ Abrams could have filmed himself making breakfast in the morning, and I would have tuned in to watch. every. day.

That said...Super 8 looked like a rocking good time, and I was all over it! If you took Cloverfield, mashed it up with E.T. and stuck 'em both between a slice of Stand by Me, and a slice of'd have the perfect Super 8 sandwich. Which sounds pretty yummy to me:P

You basically have to be able to relate to your inner geeky 10 year old to really dive into this movie...which I am fully capable of doing;) I remember the days of running around on my bike, in a middle of nowhere Midwestern town, with absolutely no parental supervision, and my star wars figures in a backpack...plotting about making our own movies. I. Was. That. Kid...and no, I didn't date much;P

I will fully admit, I was expecting a way different movie...more horror/scare...but I was delighted with what I got...and if I say anything else, I'll give it all just go see it if you get the chance. It's well worth the price of admission;)


  1. I had absolutely no parental supervision either - just be home by dinner in the summer. Rockin good time growing up in a mobile home park on the So Cal coastline.

    Thanks for the movie recommendation!

  2. I'm wondering if my husband will request Super 8 on our upcoming date this Friday! The inner-geeky-10-year-old is strong with this one :)

  3. we saw this movie too - it was good loved all the 70's "stuff"


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