My Boy

After spending almost FOUR hours at the park today...Miss Peach was done. We came home, and she conked out.

Little Man was downstairs playing with Lego's while Mommy watched Dancing With the Stars. (Yes I watch DWtS...I'm not proud, my TV bar has all but collapsed since LOST left me:/)

I often stare at The Little Man while he's playing. It's hard to explain...long story short...we went through fertility treatments for over a year to have my Perfect Little Peach. After we had her, I resolved that I wouldn't go through that process again. Soon after, I was pregnant with The Little Man:)

I've always considered Miss Peach my miracle, and The Little Man my surprise. They are both wonderfully good things, and both wonderfully different.

So, Little Man was playing Lego's, and I was watching him...

Me: "Little Man, you are the sweetest little boy on the planet."

Little Man: (after a looooong pause, he looked me in the eye) "Mommy, why do you love me so much?"

So many things ran through my mind...being pregnant with him knowing he was a boy even though we didn't find out. The first time I met my Little Man. How quiet and sweet he was in the hospital room. How I used to carry him around like he was a little football because he would cry if I put him down...

Instead of telling him all this, I asked: "Little Man, why do you love me so much?"

He looked at me without hesitation and said: "Because you are my Mommy:)"

He really is the sweetest little boy on the planet...and I'm smiling while I'm typing this:-D


  1. Ooo, the new design is sooo pretty!

    Boys are so deliciously yummy no? Girls are ok, mine was/is a PITA sometimes, but my grandsons just melt my heart.

    P.S. Are you going to Dot & Ziggy?

  2. I think I'd keep him if I were you. ;-)

  3. He.Is.Precious. And that's all that needs to be said about that! :)

  4. He is a true miracle, too. And freaking adorable!

  5. and that was such a sweet post - tiaras

  6. I went through the EXACT same thing. Did IVF to get my first, perfect, tiny baby girl... Then it wasn't a whole year (11+ months) when my perfect, again tiny baby boy joined us.. LOL. He was a total surprise (I was almost 4 months before I found out, I just didn't think it was possible... little did I know, right?).
    I love my baby girl to pieces, and she is so smart, beautiful, and awesome... But I think there is something special about the bond between a mother and son... My girl was a Daddy's girl (he passed away:( but they had such a special father/daughter bond that amazed me!)...
    Love your pics (well not on this post obviously, lol, I mean when you post pics...)


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