I had to take my camera out today and remind myself that it is in fact, spring in Chicago.
'Cause while I'm taking this picture...I'm wearing my ski hat, my gloves, and my winter coat:/ It's like 38 degrees outside...
In my world...that's cold:(
While it looks like it's sunny from these shots...actually, it was a cloudy gray day. I was playing with the white balance on the camera. Quite frankly, I'm throwing spaghetti against the wall...spinning dials and messing with things.
What do I know...they all look like flowers to me...so I'm putting it in the win category...now bring on the sun!


  1. I need some of these flowers for teacher apperciation day tomorrow :)

  2. Nice job. You're learning. But now you need to know that food metaphors make me hungry. And I've been trying to lose weight. FYI

  3. I like pretty things! I especially like them when I can sit outside and enjoy them, which I CAN'T BECAUSE IT'S STILL TOO COLD HERE, TOO.

  4. What gorgeous pictures! I really love the second one.


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