#86 This one did not end well

Daily Chuck...

I'm WAY too into this project:/ When I saw the dog dropping the cup and saucer, I was all "This is it Smokey, we're SO keeping that cup and saucer on your head...You're gonna beat that dog!"

He was thrilled and super duper excited...really...can't you tell? (About t he only way he could have looked less interested is if he'd been yawning during the shot:/)

We practiced...(cue Rocky music in the background...)
...using the saucer first...

Oh yes...we had our fair share of these...
Luckily, Mommy had the foresight to do the shoot on a towel...Miss Peach would not have been forgiving had we broke a piece of her tea set:/


  1. yay! Go Smokey!

  2. I heart Smokey. Gotta go now, want to see if Pup will hold a saucer on his head .. which has a point on top which will no doubt get in the way. If I put the cup upside down on his head, we will have a winner.

  3. Smokey will NOT be delivering my espresso...

  4. You have so much more patience for this project. Simply amazing... both you and the smokester.


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