I don't know if this has happened across the country...or if it's just a BIG Chicago mistake...but Chicago Public Schools don't have recess:/ (No recess yo...bummer!)

I really think kiddos need to play, unstructured, for long periods of time. On sunny days, I pick kiddos up, and we hang at the park...for hours. Every time I think they're gonna get bored...or tired...something always comes along to grab their attention for another 45 min.
I give you exhibit "A"

Little Man all but fell over when this little beauty came driving into the park! Can you believe this sweet little boy was all..."Sure you can have a ride...hop in!"

He wants one SO badly...I can't even imagine how much they cost...and there is just no way I'm gonna let my Little Man be so mobile:/

But it's SO cute!


  1. Are you serious? Chicago schools don't have recess??? I grew up in the burbs and we always did. That's just pitiful and so counterproductive.

  2. What no recess? Why? That is great you take them to the park though. What a sweet ride that is.. I bet it cost and arm an a leg. My kids really want one too!

  3. No recess? What is that based upon? Weird.


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