You know you're a city cat when...

Yesterday, Little Man and I were watching TV.

A commercial for Build-A-Bear Workshop came on. Yes, it's a cute idea. Yes, I think there's one at Navy Pier. No, we've never been.

Little Man said: "Mommy, can we go there and build a fuzzy sheep?"

I said: (Kind of half a$$ because I think these places are really expensive, and I'd like to put it off because I never spend money...) "That's a mall store. Next time we go see Grandma Susan we can go. There's a mall near her. I'm sure they'll have one in her mall."

He said: "OK Mommy...What's a mall?"

Is a good thing, or a bad thing that my 4 year old doesn't know what a mall is???


  1. Only if his peers make fun of him.

  2. I get this one. There's a mall by Grandmas, and hey while we at it there is the good possiblity grandma will get suckerred in to buying the kiddos some little critters.
    Okay, I'm in for that.
    Hmmmm....unless, I can convince the kiddos they would rather take a mini horse home instead.

  3. I definitely think it is a good thing.


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