Sick Bay

It has been a tough couple of days:/ My little Peach threw up for almost two sad:( We took her to the emergency room since this seemed so much worse than just a stomach flu. The doctor told me that he had seen three other poor kiddos with the same symptoms. There's something bad going around was about all he could tell us.

She spent the whole weekend sleeping. I am always amazed how Smokey reacts when someone in the house is sick. He's been at Miss Peach's feet since she fell ill. It's like he's taking car of our little pixie.

The good news...she's on the mend and was actually able to keep a pancake down today.

The bad news...Little Man started feeling sick this evening...round two is starting:(


  1. Our animals know. They always do.

  2. Good cat. I won't make fun of him for a while. Sorry that round two seems to be underway with Little Man. We really missed you on Saturday - but Miss Peach is WAY more important than we are.

  3. ugh so sorry. my little one just puked twice and i am highly concerned about how long this will last. we are off this week and i had an over night in a hotel in nyc with hubby planned.......arghghghgh

  4. Aw. I feel your pain, we had the stomach flu here a couple weeks ago. NO fun. I hope the Little Man's run in with the stomach yucks wasn't as bad as poor little Miss Peach.

  5. Oh, no! I hope Little Man gets a WAY lesser strain than Miss Peach had. And I love the Smokey is all about the nursing career.


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