Sweet n Sassy

Birthday parties have come a long way Baby! Miss Peach went to a Sweet and Sassy party today. Oh. My. Goodness!

I'm thinking this is as close to the Bibbidy Bobbidy Boutique a kiddo can get without actually going to Disney. (I'm talking being picked up in a stretch pink limousine, yo!)

Since parents were not allowed to attend, all I can tell you is...here is how Miss Peach looked when I picked her up...
That is the face of a child who has officially OD'd on Princess mania.
She did however get a second wind, and like any important Princess, she had phone calls to make as I drove her home.
Oh, did I forget to mention they taught her how to strike a pose?

Yeah, they did that too...not sure how I feel about my little girl looking SO grown up:/

For the record...my little Princess took a two hour nap after the party...and for that, I thank you Sweet and Sassy;)

*On a completely unrelated note, my blog bit me in the a$$ over the weekend. It probably cost me a friendship that might have had the chance to come back from the dead. I'm not going to go into it, since I already said too much 4 years ago, and that's what got me into this. (Dang yo, I've been blogging for four years!) The moral of my story is...if you're like me, and you started blogging with no clue, and no point...go back and check your archives. I like the blogger I am today...some of the early stuff...not so proud of. If it's not kind, necessary, or true...you might want to ask yourself if you still want it out there. I checked, and I didn't like what I found...sometimes don't cha wish you had a time machine? I know I do:/


  1. Miss Peach looks adorable. Absolutely adorable. :)

    And now I'm off to check things out. Hope things can be ok eventually. :/

  2. I think the only thing I've said on the Internet that I come close to regretting is the time I outted Grannie for walking across the living room making whoopee cushion noises. I would change it, if I could. I wouldn't say it was "every step".

  3. I always stop and re-read everything before posting it to be sure .. some things are easy and no worries but when the posts are personal, you find there are So many people to consider ! makes you wish you were anonymous :)
    I am sure you will be forgiven ..
    Now about Miss Peach and that face ... she is just so precious. I love those eyelashes, she is just well, adorable :)
    and I know she looks like her Mama ~

  4. Thinking...Thinking...Thinking...nope, I've never, ever been in a limo. Wahhh I want to be five again!

  5. Do I recognize that dress? Looks like if what I think it is-- is then score one for this grandma

  6. Yes Mom, that is the dress you bought for her...She loves it, thanks:)


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