Involuntary Eavesdropping

I read in the NY Times that Chicago Public Schools has one of the shortest school days in the nation. Do I feel good about I've got Miss Peach in an after school art class, and I plan to do more of that as they get older.

Right now, I think getting them out and playing is more important. Kiddos don't get to run around in class as much as they used to. That is why I am typing this with frozen fingers. We just got done playing in the park for almost two hours! Which is really tough for me, since I'm one of those always cold people. Even though the sun is actually shining for once in this frozen urban jungle...there's still a big bite in the air:/

Miss Peach always finds a pack of girls to play the "no boys allowed" game with, so I play with The Little Man. As we ran up one side of the park, and down the other, I noticed two little girls watching us.

Going past for the umpteenth time, I heard part of their conversation...

Girl #1: "That little boy is the Prince."

Girl #2: "Only there are no princes allowed!"

Girl #1: "Right, no Princes."

Girl #2: "Who is that lady chasing him?" (meaning me)

Girl #1: "She's dressed like an old lady...She's the Grandma."

WHAT!?! I'm the GRANDMA?!? (cough, cough, cough...sputter...stake meet heart)

I had on a black puffy coat, Nike running pants, and Old Navy/Ugg wanna be boots....and I'm the Grandma?!? Dressed like an old lady???

There's no win here...I just gotta let this one go. There's SO nothing wrong with being a Grandma...

I'm just NOT READY yet!

*On a completely unrelated note...Yes, I have been watching The Bachelor like a complete TV addicted junky. I'm not proud (Do you see what happens when you take my LOST away?) Does that stop me from parking my little booty on the couch at 7pm tonight??? Hellz No! My prediction...c'mon, it is SO Emily all the way. How's he NOT gonna choose cute single mom with her adorable little girl? Am I right here? I'm so right.

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  1. I'm so glad you clarified that there is nothing wrong with being a grandma or I'd have to find a corner to cry in.


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